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Marketing Cloud Lydian Announces New Investment from Prolific Blockchain Investor, Chris Rouland and Announcement of New Advisors

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Lydian announced it has obtained a new investment and add two new advisors to its advisory board. Chris Rouland, a serial entrepreneur the founder of Endgame, Bastille Networks and most recently Phosphorus, a prolific blockchain investor, veteran in information security, and holder of a dozen patents related to Cyber Security, has joined Lydian as an investor and advisor.lydian mona lisa Ageesen Sri, a popular figure in the cryptocurrency community having over six years of experience in the cryptocurrency/blockchain ecosystem has also become a part of the Lydian team.

These individuals are joining Lydian as they share the vision of the product and the value proposition of the Company within the ecosystem. With the Lydian tokens, individuals and companies will be able to purchase A.I. driven, targeted digital marketing that are far more effective in generating an ROI.

“The mission behind Lydian and The Whisper Network will have tremendous impact on organizations and ecosystems that rely on digital marketing capabilities to bring their products and services to the mainstream,” noted Ageesen Sri, “I am confident that the team and their backgrounds will be instrumental in changing the way this industry interacts with and utilizes marketing technologies and innovations built using the Lydian blockchain enabled platforms.”

Lydian helps brands with digital marketing and engages their ideal audiences, across multiple platforms in a way that combines big data, A.I. and automation for optimized results.

This additional blockchain investment to the ICO further validates the immense possibilities of the Whisper Network Protocol behind Lydian. The Whisper Network, will use one of its applications, MonaChain to reduce ad fraud. Ad fraud will likely exceed $50 billion by 2025, second only to the drug trade as source of illegal income. MonaBrowse, is an application that is designed to help reduce the adoption of ad-blockers which are now installed in 700 million devices globally.

“The cross proliferation of machine learning across Cyber Security and ad-fraud is a generational progression applying advanced new tech to solve hard problems created by well-funded cyber criminals. MonaChain will help stop one big vector of cybercrime,” noted Chris Rouland.

Having Rouland and Sri advising will be a powerful combination to the Lydian team. Both are highly qualified, skilled and bring their expertise’s to ensure every aspect of the Lydian project is fully optimized. One of the most important aspects of the Lydian project that these advisors will be add value on is the Whisper Network Protocol (WNP).

The Whisper Network Protocol is designed to solve the scale issue for blockchain, which today is inherently slow. Traditional blockchain technology rely on miners to create a hash of a single parent block with a single extend chain. The Whisper Network Technology will maintain the integrity of the blockchain while employing the process for validating transactions that is significantly different, and much faster.

On the Whisper Network, blocks are created in a parallel. Each block is valid as long as every predecessor response is also valid and is recorded by the node. Essentially, the Whisper Network prevents the need for every single transaction to have its own hash, which miners compete against each other to create. This enables the Whisper Network to be incredibly fast in comparison to the traditional blockchains.

The Lydian token, as well as Lydian’s DApps (decentralized applications) such as MonaChain and MonaBrowse, will enable individuals and businesses to revolutionize the way they purchase and receive digital advertising. Through Lydian, digital advertising will be faster, more secure, and far more efficient. Companies looking for a way to boost their ROI on the ad spend could potentially benefit enormously by using Lydian tokens and Lydian products.

Lydian has the potential to be a game changer for digital advertising and blockchain forever. To learn more about Lydian and how it’s trying to make a tangible difference in this space, please visit: https://lydian.io

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