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AdSigma: For the informed advertisers and publishers! Join us and generate revenue in a verified platform

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At a time when digital market structure is exponentially growing with the scope of benefitting from a burgeoning revenue, we at AdSigma will be the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that will drive blockchain technology to disrupt the digital advertising space. We will create an alternative platform where in both publishers as well as advertisers can benefit out of a transparent, secure and verified community.

The digital market consists of three parties: the publisher, who integrates advertisements into his online content; the advertiser, who provides advertisement to be displayed along with the publisher’s content; and advertisement network, who act as the middlemen and help generate the ads and track their statistics. However, the space is not as transparent and revenue-driven as it looks like.

AdSigma will be built on top of the Ethereum platform in order to leverage the engagement of the community and the incredible technological advancements the Ethereum team has made so far. AdSigma will utilize the Ethereum blockchain to construct a variety of smart contracts, like escrow contracts and history contracts, to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem.

AdSigma is debuting their own cryptocurrency namely the ADSi Token that is implemented as an ERC20-compatible token over the public Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is the natural fit for AdSigma as it is quickly becoming the industry standard for issuing custom digital assets. Compatibility with the ERC20 standard leverages the rich existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem such as development tools, wallets and exchanges. The ability to program trustless smart contracts over Ethereum with a Turing complete language allows for robust and secure customization of the cryptocurrency to the domain-specific requirements of the AdSigma network in a fully decentralized manner.

Each ADSi represents the ability to purchase digital display ads. ADSi will be used in the AdSigma Platform for the following:

  • Buying and selling digital display ads
  • Paying fees to Ethereum
  • Paying fees to platform operators (Relayers)
  • Paying for future services and functions produced by AdSigma.

If an individual no longer wants to use ADSi they may sell, transfer or trade their tokens via an independent cryptocurrency exchange. Purchasing ADSi does not entitle users to own shares in AdSigma. Some of the special properties of such a token are the following. Firstly, anyone can buy or sell ADSi at any time, without risk of not having a counterparty, and at a predetermined cost. Secondly, the core value of an ADSi unit is backed by its BNT reserve, assuring holders that the token has intrinsic value. Thirdly, BNT itself is a smart token backed by ETH, making the conversion to and from ETH a simple two-step function.

Transparency of real-time bidding process ensures a fair commission distribution for everyone. The advent of smart contracts made it possible for two or more parties to exchange blockchain assets without the need for a trusted third party, like ad networks. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) process can be completely transparent to advertisers and publishers by implementing the exchange on the blockchain. We enable advertisers to float their requirements with a signed transaction on the exchange.

One of the major issues with the current systems is that advertisers have no way of verifying whether they are being charged for honest leads. This poses a big challenge for them as they are not able to justify the ROI. AdSigma provides complete transparency on transactions between publishers and subscribers. The blockchain is the perfect match for this. It enables maintaining an immutable distributed digital ledger of transactions.

We ensure you that through AdSigma, we will value those publishers who focus on the quality of their content, as they represent a customer-centered community. Our network will change the mindset of publishers who will now see the blockchain based ad network as a valuable asset that can generate huge revenues. And it is a given that all the above will come through a community that is driven to be transparent, trustworthy, secure and revenue-generated.

AdSigma Team

The team in AdSigma comes from diverse fields such as Digital Marketing, Software Development, Blockchain/Cryptography and have achieved competitive positions in their respective fields. The aim is to develop an innovative marketing strategy which will enable the users on the platform to increase the ROI on the digital spend. If you wish to reach out to the right audience through a verified and transparent platform, join the AdSigma community. Please visit: https://adsigma.io/

Suumit Shah

Suumit is the Founder and Head of three successful technology companies within web design and digital marketing industries. Suumit’s most recent venture, Grappr, is an Android app platform with a network of more than 1.2M users in less than a year. Suumit specializes in building tech products from ground up and constantly working on a solutions that will make digital marketing better and simpler for all.

Ravi Tamada

Ravi is a lead developer with a meritorious experience spanning across mobile/web development, SEO services, digital transformation, social media marketing, cloud computing services. Authored and actively running one of the top Android development blogs across the globe named: “Androidhive” with a monthly viewer base of 2M+. He has also won Gold & Silver awards for Google Glass innovation.

Kapil Bhosale

Kapil has years of experience in software development. He worked mostly on Web app developments with Ruby on Rails. Along with that, he worked in areas of image processing, distributed and parallel computing. Kapil previously handled few big development projects for companies like Fab.com and TIBCO.

Akshay Mohite

Akshay is a rails enthusiast, developing some awesome web and mobile-based products. He previously worked with companies like Big Binary, Fab.com and Hem.com as a full stack developer. He worked on ReactJS for more than a year and has a good understanding of frontend technology and frameworks like JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.

Subhash Choudhary

Subhash is a founder of Risemetric, a successful digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai, India. He is currently helping companies like Sony, McDonalds, Viacom18 to scale their user acquisition channels via Digital Marketing activities. His marketing experience combined with drive for the perfection make him an integral part of the marketing team.

Ashutosh Bhatt

Ashutosh is a business development and marketing head of Risemetric. He has 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Having worked with 25+ funded startups across the globe to scale their userbase, he understands the in-and-out of Digital Marketing. He excels at quickly understanding new technologies and explaining their functionality to the general public.

Vivek Sancheti

Vivek is a product development guy who successfully delivered amazing projects to professionally diverse clients across the globe. His recent project, Cryptoground – Trade Simulator of various cryptocurrencies received 100k users within one month of launch. He understands the current problems in digital marketing niche and constantly keeps trying to find solutions for these problems.

Pre-Sale Date: 5th April, 2018 at 10:00 UTC

Crowd-Sale Date: 20th May, 2018 10:00 UTC


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