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Xaurum (XAUR)

Xaurum (XAUR) is a tradable option contract or a token that runs on a decentralized Ethereum platform. It initially operated under the PoS Blockchain, but later the operations are transferred to Ethereum platform. This is the only crypto-currency in the market right now that derives its value from the gold. This is considerably a better option than the than most of the cryptocurrencies because the dividends of this cryptocurrency are paid via gold.

Like any other financial instruments, it is subject to buying and selling pressures in the market. You can invest in XAUR if you want to increase your gold reserve whenever you get hold of some excess money. It first started trading by 18/08/2016. In a short span of time, it earned a market for itself, and its trade volume increased rapidly. This is known for its high volatility, and if timed well, you can earn a lot of money in the short term. You can also consider going long-term with this cryptocurrency as the gold has been a steady investment in the past few years. The money the users send will be used to mine, and the holders of the cryptocurrency will be provided with the gold as the dividend for their investment. But unlike the bonds or other debentures, this cryptocurrency have a demand on the market. So it is highly liquid just like the bitcoins, which makes it perfect to trade. The Ethereum platform provides a safe and solid trading experience for its customers, and it is easy to use as well.

During its inception, this cryptocurrency was traded at a very high price that may put off some of the investors. Later to facilitate the volatility in this instrument, one unit of Xauram was divided into 8000 units. The funds will be collected for the mining purposes will be spent on gold mining. Over the years, Ethereum has proven to be a dependable platform, and the strict regulations make it an interesting option for the investors to consider. The chances of fraudulent activities and third party impact on this platform is nil.

The Crypto-currencies works as a perfect tool if you are looking forward to diversifying your portfolio funds. Unlike the other financial instruments, Xauram is completely different. It won’t be affected the by the macro trends that affect the market. The policy here is simple if they find gold you will get gold. You can easily learn to trade from the model tutorials and demo available on both Xauram website and in downloadable Ethereum software.

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