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Viacoin (VIA)

Viacoin (VIA) refers to digital currency that is similar with Bitcoin. It is one of the best coins that give opportunity to developers to create new types of services using its block chain. In addition, it also makes it possible to create applications on top of its block chain. You can build exchanges that are fully decentralized, issue new currencies, bet, track asset, manage reputation and digital voting.

Problems solved by Viacoin

Viacoin helps solve several problems that other coins might not be able to solve. It offers an effective framework that helps in building alternative technologies. Its developers can offer wide range of services. This helps in propelling the right blockchain technology to move forward. It is a very promising coin because it has several features that make it credible and more useful to the users.

It comes with quicker transactions that have proof of publication to the entire blockchain. This makes it possible for you to know the amount you have made. If you want to make a purchase using this currency, it will be done in a more private and confidential manner. The purchase will not have any hitches including waiting for a third party to give authority for the transaction to be completed. During the entire process, it is only the receiver and sender who are the entities involved.

Regardless of size of the transaction you want to make, Viacoin has all the facilities required to support it. It has the ability even to take care of transaction involving small items such as digital games and software applications. Any time that you are making payments, you do not have to be afraid about your anonymity. Since it is a decentralized type of a currency, the government has no way that it will be able to get involved into your transaction history or even in your wallet to look for your personal identity. This is what makes it a very strong form of payment.

Viacoin offer different channels for mining and payments. Thus, you can still be able to move on with your other activities even making payment as you mine with automatic deductions taking place. There is also high level safety that is offered by the mining network. This means that you have peace of mind because no one can steal your money. All your transactions are recorded in a secure manner because of accountability and keeping the network secure for all those involved.


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