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DIW Token to be tradable on LAToken Exchange

It’s been a long time coming but we are excited to announce that DIW Token will get listed on an exchange on Friday 22nd of June, 2018. DIW Token will be listed on LATOKEN’s Trading Platform and you will be able to exchange DIW Token with all other listed tokens and this in effect will allow the enhancement of its value.

What is LATOKEN?

LAToken is a well-known trading platform within the crypto space. LATokens main objective is to make investing and payments easy and of course safe on a global scale. In just a few months of operation, LATOKEN reached the top 100 exchanges in the market and has bypassed other higher ranking exchanges. LAToken has set ambitious targets for this year. It is consistently bringing trading to a new generation of blockchain technology to automate transaction processing and save billions of work hours on a yearly basis. The DIW team feel that this project is a great fit for LAToken. You can exchange DIW Tokens from Friday the 22nd of June, 2018 at https://latoken.com/.

Here is some useful information for the community. The team is mostly focused on developing an actual product rather than speculating or ‘fixing’ a price for its token – a practice that most other ICO teams are involved in. We are looking to enhance the project thus ensuring long term success. We want to actually make blockchain technology useful and accessible in everyday life for all of our community, and this can be accomplished at an early stage by being listed on such an exchange.

About DIW

DIW is an unprecedented infrastructure which enables account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network. The project itself will provide all its members with access to a whole new world, where data breaches, online fraud, scammers and time wasters don’t exist. You will have the ability to contact individuals and large corporations with peace of mind and exchange valuable data, services and products without having the fear of losing precious information to scammers or fraudsters. Everyone will show their true identity within the DIW platform to maintain trust between parties thus creating the safest and most secure platform the digital world has ever seen.

We would also like to remind you that our Alpha DIW Platform has been launched on testnet. This gives you the chance to join DIW’s team in the development of its project. Feel free to put the alpha edition of the vault through its paces, keeping in mind that it’s a product in development. DIW plans to release a ‘Bug Report Program’ that will award all of its contributing participants with DIW Tokens depending on their involvement and level of assistance in the development of the project. Further details will be released regarding this program in due time, including how to gain approval in order to get on-board.

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