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SysCoin (SYS)

SysCoinOne of the fastest growing coins in the online financial industry, the Syscoin (SYS) is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin and allows for individuals to utilize it in carrying out low-cost financial transactions. With Syscoin, it doesn’t just end at money and trading, and that is what sets it apart from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 
Syscoin goes ahead to provide business owners with the requisite groundwork needed to securely trade data, assets, goods and digital certificates. In a bid to cover an extensive part of the financial sector, Syscoin offers a variety of native features with the capacity to attract various business models.

And still continuing on its path to stand out from the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the industry, Syscoin derives its intrinsic value by means of the decentralized services it offers to users directly on the blockchain.

The blockchain is the powerhouse of all Syscoin’s services and is a decentralized system of record and on the Syscoin network, it is hosted by a series of “nodes”. In virtual currency exchanges, the symbol under which Syscoin trades is the SYS.

Features and Services 

Decentralized Marketplace & Exchange 

Syscoin has been likened to the likes of Ebay and Amazon especially due to its system of operation. Syscoin works like a decentralized marketplace where individuals can buy or sell items, and possibly even go ahead to resell other items. It is even better than the previously mentioned marketplaces because it comes with its own wallet, an escrow, and a payment system.

Alias reservation, ownership & exchange 

With the implementations of aliases, Syscoin looks to make things easier for buyers and sellers in the marketplace. This feature allows you to simply send or receive money by making use of an alias or address that can be easily remembered. e.g “LucysAddress”

Arbitrated Escrow 

This is another great feature that Syscoin offers to users of its platform and marketplace. Trading on Syscoin, you are assured that your funds are in good hands and therefore, you get to trade with confidence. With goods in transit, both buyer and seller can agree mutually on the use of Syscoin as a 3rd party they can use in securing their funds

Encrypted Messaging System 

Syscoin comes with a built-in encrypted messaging system that allows traders to interact among themselves securely and seamlessly on the Syscoin network. To make this possible, Syscoin implemented the use of addresses and aliases.

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