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What is Mining in CryptoCurrency?

Today, everybody is aware of cryptocurrency. It is a form of digital currency meant to be secure, safe and anonymous in many cases. Any crypto currency uses a technique, known as cryptography, to track purchases. Since there are a series of advantages associated with crypto currencies, more and more individuals are using them for transactions online. Some folks even wish to make money by mining crypto currency. So what is mining in crypto currency? 

Basics of crypto currency (digital currency) mining

Mining is the process through which transactions are properly verified and added to a public ledger, called as block chain. Mining is also the means by which new crypto coins are released in the system. If you take part in mining, you could earn substantial money without doing much legwork. This is why most of the folks wish to participate in mining of crypto currencies.

How to mine crypto currencies and earn money?

Any individual who has accessibility to the World Wide Web and a suitable hardware can take part in the mining process of any crypto currency. The process of mining involves compiling of recent transactions (associated with digital currency payments and receipts) into blocks and making attempts to solve computationally difficult puzzles.

The puzzles involved in the mining process are hard, and how they are solved depend on the efforts being put in mining across the network. Mining difficulty could be adjusted and is being adjusted by protocol (approximately 2 weeks in the case of Bitcoin). The difficulty adjusts with the objective of maintaining the block discovery rate constant. If more computational power is used, mining will get more difficult and vice versa.

Any participant who is able to solve the puzzle first gets a chance to place the subsequent block on the currency’s block chain and make a claim over the reward. The rewards for mining include the transaction fee and the newly released crypto coins. The number of coins released after the mining of each block is termed as the block reward. It is important to note that the block reward gets halved

after a certain time period. For instance, the block reward gets halved every four years in the case of Bitcoin mining.


With increasing usage of digital currency, a lot of people are planning to make a fortune with this new form of currency. From trading to holding and mining, digital currency offers a number of ways to earn money. However, mining is the best and the most secure way to make profits through crypto currency. If you don’t know what is mining in crypto currency, read above and take necessary steps for mining. Over time, you could be making big bucks right from the comfort of your home through crypto currency mining.

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