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FineCoin (FineCoin) / ICO

fincoin ICO

FineCoin is a decentralized as well as the fastest growing cryptocurrency that has been
designed to restructure the financial system. It aims at empowering its users
by enabling them to achieve their desired financial freedom through the
investment of assets. Unlike banks that charge unreasonably high fees, FineCoin
brings affordability by allowing users to keep, loan and move their money with
very little to no charges. Besides, it gives them the needed freedom to manage
their funds the way they want. It is free from all restrictions, government
interference, and taxes. It is the most appropriate option for investors
seeking to reap maximum returns. It is secure system and investors can enjoy
the complete peace of mind as they carry out their transactions.

Unique features of FineCoin

The coins are widely dispersed. This helps to eliminate instances of monopoly where
individual investors can manipulate the market. It is a system that has been
designed for every success minded investor.

All transactions that one does are secret and hard to track. FineCoin uses blockchain technology
thus guaranteeing every investor maximum privacy. No one can track down the
number or even the type of transactions that an investor does. Additionally,
the platform provides exceptional account security. Investors can enable email
verification and 2FA to help improve the safety of their accounts.

Ethereum and Bitcoin withdrawals are available and accessible for the entire ICO duration.
This is an added advantage for the investors that want to enjoy extreme control
of their assets.

FineCoin comes with unrivaled support and communication. They have the best support services
who are ready to answer the questions of investors any time and day. Their
marketing team can be found on several social channels such as YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Every single investor gets updated about the
latest trends and progress of the platform.

FineCoin has the most user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone to manage their assets.
Everything has been simplified so there is no training required for one to
manage or store their assets.

Moreover, FineCoin allows investors to do several things including staking and lending.
One can stake their coins on their desktop wallet and hold the money till the
price rises. In the process, they earn staking interest on a monthly basis.
Alongside staking, investors can lend their coins and earn.

The most desirable thing about lending is that it is free from all potential risks. An
investor can decide to invest back their earnings or withdraw instantly. By
investing back, an investor can earn more. Lending is available in four
options, i.e., basic, standard, professional and Enterprise. Basic lending is
available from $100 to $1000 with capital given back after 250 days. Standard
lending starts from $1001-$10,000 with capital retrieved after 180 days and
daily interest of 0.1%. Professional lending ranges from $10,001-$25,000 with
daily interest of 0.25% and capital retrieved after 120 days. Enterprise
lending starts from $25,001 to $50,000. This comes with 0.35% daily interest
and capital recovered after 99 days.


One can buy FineCoin tokens by depositing ETH or BTC to their wallet then visit FineCoin
website to buy the tokens. However, one must wait for the time to elapse before
they can buy the tokens. FineCoin also offers bonuses for those who
successfully refer another client to purchase tokens. They will be launching
their ICO on 25th January 2018. Visit BTCurrencies.com to learn more on


FineCoin is going to turn the financial system around. With the flexibility, convenience
and affordability it brings, investors will enjoy a link between the real world
and crypto-driven world.

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