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DubaiCoin (DBIC)

Investors’ Guide written by: Andrew01 DubaiCoin was propelled to make BTC and altcoins more open to Arab World. This incorporates different speculators who need to put resources into an option genuine coin with continuous advancements and undertakings. 

One of our primary concentrations are the online commercial center and installment entryway. DubaiShop will have an assortment of merchandise and services for savvy persons. Some of them offer mining rigs via Skype with incredible success. Rigs are currently and generally accessible in the Arab World through our promotional systems and easy-to-access contests.

Since the regular Bitcoin has reached an amazing level of over 2,400$ per 1 BTC, everyone has suddenly become more interested in their properties. Those with large deposits have already bought them in bigger quantities, but what about the other people? We can remember that just couple years ago 1BTC was lurking around the value of 50$, and most analysts estimated that they will stagnate or decrease in the next period. But this was not the case at all.

Bitcoin has seen an amazing and steady increase due to the people that believed in it and its amazing architecture. And chances are that the same will happen with DubaiCoins. Dubai is an amazing country backed up by extremely innovative people, so there is no reason why the crypto-currency should be any lower than the one which started from America.

As of July 2017, one DBIC sells for approximately 10USD, thus making it a great opportunity for investment. As an example we consider an investor purchasing just 100 DubaiCoins as of this moment. This would lead to an approximate cost of 1000USD. However, if the DubaiCoin reaches the level of 50USD per unit by January 2018, as estimated by some analysts, then profits will be quite consistent. The initial deposit will become 5 times bigger with the investor having to do nothing but relax.

Quite obviously, the DubaiCoins make for a highly interesting investing opportunity, not only for citizens of UAE, but also for those who believe in the power of development and cryptocurrency. There are many alterations of the Bitcoin nowadays, and most of them have increased steadily in the latest months along with the original BTC. As a result, it makes for an awesome investing opportunity for those who have some money put aside and want to enlarge their profits within the upcoming months or years.

If you have some money in your bank account which you see as better suited for investment, then take into account DBIC as a real possibility for profits. It’s not like playing the lottery, it’s a lot safer than that!


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