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SolarCoin (SLR)

Why SolarCoin and not Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? This is a very important question that requires a very complex answer.

In the year of 2014 Solarcoin came to life and since then it has enhanced a series of trends that reflected on a powerful all time growth. The main factor that brings a positive influence in the exponential growth in the values of the SolarCoin is the people. They keep buying it and they choose it for most deals and this is the most important fact to keep in mind. 

The first and the most important thing to understand about SolarCoin is that is used for only one purpose and that is to expand the productivity around the solar generated electricity. SolarCoins are granted for companies and providers that document at least 1 MWhr of solar generated electricity. This is the main characteristic of the SolarCoin and it succeeds in accomplishing sets of criterias that Bitcoin, for example, did not manage to complete. Instead of using Bitcoin to trade online, SolarCoin actually motivates the solar generated energy industry around the world. This fact is the utmost importance of all because will all the global problems nowadays, more exactly the global warming, solar energy is a must. The planet is melting and people need to take action, by reducing pollution and by implementing more solar generated energy nature will recover by itself in time. SolarCoin manages to motivate producers and companies to take more action in this area and this is very important.

The purpose of SolarCoin doesn’t benefit only the company that creates solar generated energy but the consumer as well. Consumers are able to install such utilities more easily and besides this SolarCoin motivates them to go through such a direction. By succeding to win the market SolanCoin reflects on a common goal and that is to help providers market the solar energy and the consumers to use it.

One very important benefit of the SolarCoin is that more than 95% of its value goes to the people that eventually decide to follow a path of solar generated energy. More exactly more than 95% of its value will be given to solar electricity generators more specific the population with panels on their home.

What is SolarCoin? SolarCoin is the cryptocurrency of the future. By showing a growth trend in the next years this type of cryptocurrency will become the most important one in the next decade. It will connect the way bu which people manage to create a better environment and life.


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