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ZenCash (ZEN)

Based on the bitcoin protocol, Zen remains a blockchain system. It comes with amazing properties that specialize in censorship-evasion, privacy and transaction anonymity. Zen token is called ZenCash and its node traffic remains completely encrypted end-to-end.

ZenCash operates through zero-knowledge cryptographic protection. This shield is used to protect and secure against traffic correlation mapping and analysis. It is important to know that Zen protocol traffic and nodes are obscure on networks. This implies that transactions are fully anonymous and private. Zen operates in different forms and beyond ZenCash transactions.

The Zen system allows file-sharing, completely encrypted interaction, business activity, encrypted economic operation and document publication. It also hosts a distributed autonomous and decentralized system called DAO. With design cascaded on obscurity and privacy and completely-encryption, Zen operates on the highest protocol activity that bitcoin overlooks in favor of wide adoption, usability and simplicity.

The Zen structure remains a combination of zero-knowledge proofs, complete encryption, and a governing system. This system remains an open multiple use-case benefits found in the Zen technical details. This can be found in the likes of p2p insurance, mutual aid societies, decentralized banking solutions and selective proof of title for property. It also consists of hosting of individual identification information, b2b asset exchange/privacy-preserving p2p, simple use as an anonymous token of value and decentralized humanitarian aid mechanisms.

Mining With Zen Node:

There is always a huge difference between standard and secure nodes. A standard node remains a wallet and node lacking the security capability of a secure node complete encryption. If you are a miner, it is important to make use of a secure node on a 4 GB RAM server at minimum.

Operators are required to meet certain thresholds to qualify for 3.5 percent of every b lock’s coinbase incentive by the protocol. Operators will keep a minimum account balance of forty-two ZenCash on the primary host server. Operators will also carry out the structural functions as stated above. Zen secure node has the capability to carry out great structural functions such as encrypted connections, maintain the Zen complete blockchain, and encrypt all network traffic between nodes.

A secure node can as well provide others ZenCash wallets and nodes with SSL certificates. ZenCash and Zclassic tokens measure at 1:1 for users to understand. This is when the Zclassic block worth one hundred and ten thousand snapshots. This comprehensive information is enough to inform you about ZenCash.


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ZenCash (ZEN)
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