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Lykke (LKK)

Lykke’s is a Swedish – Finland Tech company that is building an international marketplace that is based solely off of blockchain.

On the Lykke’s website their motto and their aspiration os to create a platform where the future of marketing ill start to take place. So in order to make this vision a reality, the marketplace that the company has decided to use in their business model is the blockchain which was first started by Bitcoin.

Lykke’s coins are colored coins that represent shares in the Lykke company. This is the hallmark of the Lykke’s company model. The company is not out to be just another crypto exchange. The companies aspiration is out to create a platform for all real world assets by using their colored coins.

The software that is used will the foundation of the marketplace and will, in the end, be developed in open source.

The commission is zero and their anticipation is that they believe they will receive a significant amount of trading volumes.

The revenue that is provided comes from liquidity, supporting institutional clients and issuance services.

Where is the company now?

The company is still in the process of completely realizing the vision. However, the company has made some steps in the right direction. The company has:

  • Built a Lykke Wallet which is an app for the iOS and/or Android
  • Lykke Exchange which is a semi- centralized online exchange for bargaining economic instruments which will be issued as colored Lykke coins
  • The company has built a team that is a made of people from all around the world. This is an international team.
  • User Community, which means the company is growing a global community that is focused on one common idea.

Where the company is headed?

The company are making great strides and soon will make the Lykke coin:

  • Useable because of the Lykke’s Exchange. Lykke exchange will soon be the marketplace where retail chains along with institutional clients can trade their finical assets.
  • Competitive Platform, the company is creating a platform where the marketplace will boom and the Lykke coin will soon become very valuable
  • White Labeling, which is perhaps the sure way the company will soon turn the coin into an asset. The company right not is working with banks, corporation and local government bodies to help speed up their software wallet idea

The Lykke team is turning out to be a global force. To learn more about the Lykke coin and the company visit their website at https://www.lykke.com/ico/.


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Lykke (LKK)
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