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Lucyd (LCD)


Lucyd is introducing the first blockchain-fueled smartglasses in the world called Lucyd Lens. Discover how they work in our review today.

What’s Lucyd?
It is an eyeglass company which plans to introduce smartglasses known as Lucyd Lens. It aim to be the first blockchain-fueled glasses in the world. They are scheduled for launch in Q1 2019.

Some years back, technologies such as Google Glass were said to be the future of eyewear. Now, you would struggle to find anybody wearing Google Glass. Some other companies have created smartglasses. But, as the Lucyd site states, “the few options available have a tiny field of view as well as a clumsy experience of its user.”

That is where Lucyd sees a big opportunity. They are developing glasses which is built on 13 updated augmented reality patents. The team of the company consists of “competent optics professionals.” They have decentralized this platform to drive Lucyd Lens glasses content creation, making it very easy to develop as well as distribute AR content which is viewable via the glasses.

How Do The Lucyd Lens Smartglasses Function?
They are built on certain decentralized blockchain known as called Lucyd Lab AR. Which blockchain really makes it simple to develop as well as distribute fresh AR-native content.

This Lucyd Lab AR is supported by the LCD token. The token drives content creation. Now, the final goal is to utilize driven content development to produce the first AR blockchain in the world with mass attraction.

As the official site declares, “This Lens has the possibility of being an evolutionary leap in the manner we see the entire world, and this Lab will let anybody contribute to the growth.”

Features of Lucyd Lens

Lucyd really plans to implement the below features into their glasses:

Power: The smartglasses will power off and on automatically when you fold or unfold the stems.

Front Camera: This camera gives video/photo capture as well as detection of object occlusion.

Earphones: Earphones are bone-conducting and are flush in glasses stems.

Microphone: This is mounted in your rims of the glasses for calling and voice control.

LCD: Now, the next-gen LCD offers “microdisplays” for some HD visuals in the center as well as periphery of your lenses.

Eye Tracking: Lucyd gives “updated eye tracking for easy optimizing field of vision.”

Wireless: The glasses are wirelessly charged through a charging mat. Also, they’re Bluetooth enabled.

Shape: These smartglasses usually have a sleek form factor without switches, wires or buttons.

Available Rx Lenses: You can outfit the smartglasses along with corrective lenses for extended use.

To conclude, Lucyd has plans to produce a futuristic set of some smartglasses. They do not appear to have any system or working prototype currently in place. Also, they’re not planning to launch the smartglasses until first quarter of 2019. They do not have final estimated cost of the glasses (even though they state that 5,000 tokens is a great estimate).

Ultimately, there is a lot we do not know concerning Lucyd Lens smartglasses – such as whether or not the project will get off the ground. But, if you are confident in the ability of the company to get the job carried out and deliver the variety mentioned above, then Lucyd might be the right option for you. Find out more at BTCurrencies.com.

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