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Lydian-World’s leading AI-powered Marketing Cloud and ICO Coin Token

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Lydian is cloud marketing company exclusively designed for the cryptocurrency market. It aims at becoming the first AI-powered big data cloud marketing platform in the world operating on blockchain technology. The full name of the company is LydianCoin Pte. Ltd. Lately, they announced their token sale something which has excited many. Both LydianCoin Pte and Lydian are branches operating under Gravity4 Inc. which is a renowned marketing corporation.

The token they will issue will be a utility token that will allow holders to buy AI-driven advertising and digital marketing services that run under Gravity4 Corporation. The primary goal of Lydian is to aid startups to get off the ground by taking the advantage of digital marketing. Despite the use of dated marketing strategies that don’t engage customers, the company still holds that ICO was very successful in 2017. The impediment of not delivering compelling messages to groups besides investors is a clear indicator that it is a significant problem that will affect the viability of the ventures in the long-term. From such setback, Lydian sees a chance.

All startups seeking to embrace crypto must unravel the potential of digital marketing to attract and inform their potential customers about their products and ser. This is the secret to creating loyal customers.

How Lydian operates

The entire venture is all about Lydian token. The parent company, i.e., Gravity4 Inc., avails cutting-edge digital marketing services to the crypto community. The services are currently employed by major companies such as Fortune 1000 and other luxury brands around the world. Consumers will use Lydian tokens to access the marketing products. They will also buy token to get market-tested and proven services that use customer interaction and placement data to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

From the use of a decentralized crypto-based system, users will enjoy reduced operational costs and eliminated the need for intermediaries. The move is quite efficient compared to the traditional marketing techniques.

Lydian and Artificial Intelligence

AI is a critical section of the Lydian system. There is a neural net called MonaLisa that exists in Gravity 4. MonaLisa will be supported by the Lydian system to provide more targeted and accurate marketing products.

Lydian tokens are essential for one to access Gravity4 marketing cloud. The crypto users can leverage their advertising campaigns with valuable industry relationships, market expertise, extensively aggregated data of target audience and the exclusive technology of Gravity 4 to boost their results.

MonaChain is a blockchain-driven system from Lydian that connects with MonaLisa. Alongside providing optimized advertisement placement services, the two aid in reducing ad fraud.

The Exclusive MonaBroswe Ad-Free Browser

The most exciting feature of Lydian tokens is that ad-free browsing experience provided by MonaBrowse. The development of the browser is on and is done by Gravity4 Labs. It will allow its users to buy browsing across several platforms without being agitated by ads. Users can browse without any ad-blocker. Research has shown that ad-blockers get away with billions of dollars from online from advertising while not necessarily bringing any gain. It is believed that MonaBrowse will bring the trend to an end.

The Lydian Token Sale

The official date for the sale of the Lydian tokens is not yet out. However, Lydian whitepaper outlines the details of the token sale. It is estimated that about 20 million out of the 40 million tokens supplied will be available for sale. Each Ethereum-based ERC20 token will be sold at $5 per LDN. Both ETH and BTC will be accepted by the company.


Gravity4 Inc. is known for providing standalone products that are used by major companies such as Fortune 1000. They are now releasing a new token called Lydian. It plans to turn the marketing industry around by using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. MonaLisa is the AI platform that operates on blockchain technology called MonaChain. The two techniques are geared towards improving advertising while reducing fraud in the marketing industry.

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