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Fusion (FSN) / ICO

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The invention of blockchain technology by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 was monumental. Other than being the blueprint to the world’s first digital currency, blockchain technology also demonstrated that transactions could occur between two parties without necessitating a third.

This technology forms the foundation of FUSION, a cryptofinance platform that is based on blockchain technology. FUSION seeks to break the boundaries between blockchains and integrate centralized and decentralized currency by turning both on-chain and off-chain assets into tokens.

These tokens will represent value. They will also be able to transact and execute within smart contracts. Thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, which FUSION is based on, the value of these tokens cannot be afflicted by external influences. It is an extremely balanced ecosystem that is influenced by true values and nothing else.

FUSION will also solve what are considered to be two of the greatest problems affecting  blockchain technology: scalability and interoperability. These two have, for the longest time, been obstacles for all digital currencies.

FUSION will address both these issues in one fell swoop by allowing users to convert values across different blockchains, thereby universalizing digital currency and opening the doors to several future blockchain-related innovations.

Platform Will Incentivize Interactions between Digital Currencies

FUSION will allow users to convert one digital currency into another or into a non-chain asset. These transactions will be done with more efficiency and transparency than traditional finance affords. Digital currencies will be empowered to act like real-world currency without exiting their digital realm or losing their decentralized attributes. The process will also be much more reliable and more cost-saving.

FUSION Will Solve Cryptocurrencies’ BiggestProblems

By allowing cryptocurrencies to behave like real world currency, but with considerably more efficiency, FUSION will give digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum complete financial functions by solving their problem of interoperability and removing the obstacle imposed by scalability.

Digital Currency Will Be Universally Manageable Under One Platform

FUSION will act as a one-stop-shop for everything regarding the transfer of value via the internet. This unification of currencies will provide an added measure of control and management of all the currencies from a single point on the internet. The simplification of value will no doubt have massive implications on how people transfer it to other people and potentially revolutionize how the world
perceives it.

Future-Proofed FUSION Could Be Here For the Long Haul

This decidedly well-thought-out innovation appears to be here to stay. In fact, the platformwill become more robust as more and more digital currencies are created. FUSION will act an umbrella that will allow the conversion of real-life currency (off-chain assets) and digital currency into tokens which represent value. This means that it will quickly integrate with any new digital currencies without having to make special adjustments. Its high tenacity to adapt to our constantly morphing technological landscape is
indicative of its likelihood to thrive for a long time to come.

Existing Financial Products Will Be Rendered Useless

FUSION will interpret value in a way that will transcend into the physical realm, and this will threaten the existence of several financial products. For instance, the platform will remove all barriers hindering the transfer of value from one person to another. The financial products created to hurdle these obstacles will then be rendered useless and viewed as an unnecessary cost.

Platform Is Extremely Scalable

Its propensity for scalability will make FUSION an invaluable tool in cryptofinance. Removing the two biggest limitations on cryptocurrency will encourage more innovative modifications to the blockchain system and consequently lead to the perfection
of digital value transfer.

The Redefinition of Value

In many ways, FUSION will be a reconstructive innovation. It will completely redefine the process of transferring value and the relationships between the participants. The transparent nature of blockchain technology will, for example, remove the need for middlemen permanently. Similarly, service charges and several features of traditional finance will gradually become extinct as FUSION grows more robust and becomes an important component of how we transact.

Proof of Concept Is Complete

A launch is on the cards for FUSION, which is just about finished with all the preliminaries and testing. The proof of concept for the project, which has seen the invention and innovation of various new technologies and mechanisms, is complete and thoroughly revised to ensure that the platform is as robust as it is before launch.

Registration, pre-sales, and team set up was completed in 2017 and testing of the network is scheduled to commence during the first quarter of 2018. The network is expected to go live at the end of the second quarter and have assets worth over 10 billion USD running through FUSION. These numbers are expected to rise to 100 billion USD by the end of the third quarter.

The platform is also expecting to facilitate smart contract activities worth 1 billion USD by the end of quarter three.

The total number of tokens available at the moment is 81.92 million to the 13th power of 2. These FUSION tokens, or FSN, will be the very instruments used to facilitate cross-chain smart contracts with accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. Of the amount, only 5 percent will remain in the foundation for the purposes of future development. A 25 percent cut will be dedicated to Ethereum chiefly for the purpose of fostering the development of its ecosystem.

FUSION is The Future

FUSION is giving both on-chain and off-chain assets the ability to behave similarly within a moderated environment that just happens to be completely decentralized. This self-sufficient ecosystem holds a lot of potential for the future.

Not only will it enable the integration of off-chain and on-chain assets, it will also facilitate cross-chain financial interactions and allow users to convert digital currencies with ease and efficiency. FUSION also promises to eradicate the need for various financial products and services, including organizational service costs and transaction tariffs.

FUSION will revolutionize how people accumulate and transfer value for the better by creating a self-sustainable financial ecosystem that will be inclusive of all types of currency. The value that will be represented by FSN tokens will be acknowledged as a universal measure and eventually become the world’s only way to conduct financial transactions of all kinds. The only question is, will all
traditional financial institutions be relegated to the past and forgotten like the dinosaurs?Only time will tell…

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