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Less Than 48 Hours to go on FundFantasy’s ICO – 50% Bonus to Reach Hard Cap

48 Hours to go on FundFantasy

There are only 48 hours left before the FundFantasy ICO is over. Supporters have been pouring in, making our community great and strengthening the project. We still have 2 more days to add even more supporters and make our community grow even further, so that the benefits of the FundFantasy platform spread to a larger audience. The 50% bonus will give our supporters even more benefits for their contribution, and the airdrop* following the ICO will allow them to add to their share of FundFantasy tokens.

FundFantasy’s Benefits

But apart from the closing window on the ICO, the handy bonus and the great benefits from the subsequent ICO, what is FundFantasy actually offering to those who participate with a contribution? The short answer is: Access to an innovative platform that is gamifying investment. FundFantasy offers the following advantages:

  • A provably fair platform to compete in a wide variety of investment tournaments.
  • Powered by smart contracts, this cryptographically secured platform allows users to submit their dream portfolio to as many tournaments as they want.
  • Tournament participation involves a small, controlled risk: Users will just need to purchase their entry ticket into the tournament.
  • Users do not acquire the underlying assets, but rather compete, at the cost of a single ticket for a prize that will go to the top portfolios according to the tournament’s settings.
  • Anyone who submits a portfolio to a tournament can actually profit from their investment skills without risking any capital beyond the cost of the tournament ticket.
  • Pay outs are automatic and are disbursed by a smart contract without intervention from any entity.
  • FundFantasy will take a small fee for each tournament and will proceed to burn a part of those proceeds, creating token scarcity which boosts its value.

FundFantasy Takes Investment Skills to the Next Level!

People who participate in this ICO will therefore get all the benefits from an innovative platform, as well as a 50% bonus on their FUNDZ token bonus, which will become scarcer as more people use the platform. This, together with the airdrop makes FundFantasy a one-of-a-kind ICO that can give you unprecedented benefits. So, go ahead, visit our website, join our Telegram groups, take a look at our materials and see how you can become part of our growing community. Our team here at FundFantasy is excited to welcome you as a new member of our community.

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Participate Now! → https://ico.fundfantasy.com


*FundFantasy will airdrop any unsold tokens to ICO buyers once the sale is over. The airdrop excludes team members, advisors and other partners.

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