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BTU Protocol Reveals the Crypto Funds and Family Offices that took part In Its private token Sale

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BTU Protocol gets closer to success as family offices and crypto funds rush to participate in its private sale through Booking Token Units (BTUs)

BTU Protocol represents a booking protocol that is decentralized and that’s being standardized as “ERC-808” at present.

The BTU, (Booking Token Unit) is currently on sale but only as one part of a private sale ending on 27th March 2018. Worth noting is that several family offices and crypto-funds have already taken part in the sale though. With all the heat this token sale is generating, it is not hard to see why BTCurrencies recommends it.

Alphanode Capital (previously called Alphablock.co) is one of the crypto-funds that have participated in the sale. The company runs a venture capital fund which actively seeks emerging blockchain tech to invest in. The firm has a team that comprises of the top blockchain experts who contributed to Bitcoin’s original code and a number of the former Venture Capitalists from Silicon Valley who were among the first people to ever take part in token sales back in 2013.

Nemapp (a private investment family office by Paul Amsellem) is another significant buyer in BTU protocol so far. He represents just one of the family offices taking interest in this ICO. Paul was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Nokia France and he is quite a successful entrepreneur. Among his biggest feats is completing the sale of Adenyo to Motricity in a $100 million deal. Nemapp is also an investor in numerous start-ups, one of them being Cheerz.

Do you wish to participate in the BTU Protocol sale too? Information on the same has been restricted to eligible parties only. Complete the questionnaire found here;

https://goo.gl/forms/spnJbgGQnwFzMyZp1 to confirm your eligibility.

More About this BTU Protocol

The BTU protocol provides a booking system that is decentralized and entirely open source. The protocol, also, comes with reference applications that participants can use to leverage any industry including; Healthcare, finance, travel, automotive, hospitality, retail, banking, manufacturing and all other industries imaginable. The protocol runs entirely on the stable and reliable Ethereum Network and at present, it is undergoing standardization as ERC-808.

The BTU Protocol provides plugins for content management systems (CMSs) including WordPress that can implement various booking features with ease such as embedding YouTube video(s) on blog posts. The protocol will, also, embed with all the major programming languages including JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, C, C++ etc. to create complex applications that are more decentralized and based on the protocol.

Are you learning to learn even more about this BTU Protocol? Find our white paper here: https://www.btu-protocol.com

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