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In A World In Which Investment Is A Game FundFantasy Rules

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In A World In Which Investment Is A Game FundFantasy Rules!

Out with the suits and the ties; in come the guys with the t-shirts, telling everyone that the future of investment has changed, and it is supposed to be fun. Investment looks like a game to many. With video game-type profits driving people to the markets, many are taking investment as a game, which it is not. Unless it can be gamified. That is exactly what FundFantasy set out to do, turning the world of investment on its head even after we all thought that the guys in the t-shirts had really revolutionized everything.

Play the Game, Win and Take Your Profits

The idea behind FundFantasy is easy to understand. Making investment a game is the project’s goal, so players can choose to behave like they would when they play video games. Their risks are limited by the price of an entry ticket, regardless of how they put their portfolios together. Some players might want to take it seriously, do the math and compete hard, taking the same kind of risks they would if they were investing directly in the markets. Those who are less competitive and are all about pushing the boundaries of what is possible just because they are playing a game, might put an outlandish portfolio together, looking to surprise everyone. Any way they go, players will be able to play the investment game.

Thousands of Assets, Hundreds of Tournaments, Countless Excitement!

Every player will end up competing with a portfolio that resembles their attitude towards video games, and they could also end up winning amounts that resemble the amount of points they accumulate on some of the video games they play. The most exciting part about the gamification of investment on the FundFantasy platform, is that players can choose from thousands of real-world assets, participate in hundreds of tournaments without buying into those assets at all and still end up winning big. After all, an investment game must have some kind of reward beyond the excitement of playing the markets.

Investment is Gaming

FundFantasy brings the thrill of the markets, the seriousness of competition and the fun of a game all together. This platform turns investment into gaming in a way no other platform has before it. Neither the guys in the suits or the guys in the t-shirts could have come up with such a hybrid product that allows players to take investment as a game. FundFantasy rewards players with excitement, money prizes and limited risk, a combination no other platform offers.

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