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BTCurrencies.com hopeful about FIRST ever fantasy trading platform FundFantasy


Leading cryptocurrency news platform BTCurrencies.com is glad to announce the upcoming ICO launch of an exclusive cryptocurrency platform called FundFantasy which has merged online trading and online gaming in a cutting edge blockchain environment.

Online trading and online gaming are two major aspects of the contemporary digital era. We are well aware of online trading and we practice online gaming at large. But what if these two get merged? Sounds utopian, right? Well, leading cryptocurrency news platform BTCurrencies.com has come up with the exciting news of the FIRST ever fantasy trading platform which has uniquely merged online trading and online gaming in a cutting edge blockchain environment.

Titled as “FundFantasy”, the revolutionary platform can be defined as an exclusive financial fantasy trading platform where users will be able to take part in gaming contests and compete for jackpots by crafting their ultimate portfolio. The site is powered by intuitive gameplay and is founded on blockchain technology to make this completely secure and also fun for users.

As per the reports from BTCurrencies.com, The Fund Fantasy payment currency is termed as “FUNDZ”. The revolutionary platform will be launching its ICO on February 25, 2018.

1 ETH=1000FUNDZ.

Investors can use FUNDZ to buy tickets for the contests which pay out in even more FUNDZ, as well as other currencies like ETH, BTC and so on.


“Online trading today is complicated, carries pricey fees and also involves big counter-party risks. So we were thinking how great would it be if we could put our trading skills to test in a simple breezy environment which is also profitable? Given the rising potential of blockchain technology around, we also thought of incorporating the same technology in our environment to make things entirely transparent as well as evidently fair to resolve the typical trust issues we face today in the contemporary online trading scene”, stated Tal Zander, who co-founded FundFantasy with Daniel Vaisman.

Such a conception inspired the founders to launch the first ever fantasy trading platform where users will compete among themselves and reap profit by crafting the absolute portfolio. Thus, FundFantasy was born and now it is extending open invitation for interested contributors to join the token sale and be a part of a revolution.

“The FundFantasy platform will have users taking to smart contracts, encryption algorithms as well as credible 3rd party financial data. This is to ensure contests are transparent, evidently fair and completely automated”, read the report from BTCurrencies.com.

FundFantasy is currently offering 60 million of its ERC20 FundTokens for sale. After the sale, participants will receive their share of undistributed tokens. This is done to prevent the dilution of contributors as illustrated in this wonderful (https://medium.com/@FundFantasy/unsold-tokens-keep-burn-or-airdrop-them-part-2-c2d9305f94e9) article on their Medium blog. The FundFantasy platform will be officially launched around Q4 2018, and FundToken owners will get access to enter the contests and compete for FUNDZ, Bitcoin, Ether & other different cryptocurrency prizes which will give real-time value to FundTokens.


“FUNDZ will be immediately listed on various public exchanges after token sale which will enable users to trade them with other tokens conveniently. Moreover, smart contracts will burn 0.5% of token volume continuously which will make FUNDZ a deflationary currency. On top of that, FundFantasy will be giving out daily giveaways and mega jackpots which will enhance the demand for FUNDZ big time. Counting on your support and our innovative idea- we are hopeful to revolutionize both online trading and online gaming with FundFantasy”, added in Daniel Vaisman.

BTCurrencies has highlighted on the unique features of FundFantasy for investors-

  • Variety of contests to participate as per skill level and interest
  • FREE contests available
  • Various asset class to choose from for investment
  • Asset market prices are authentic market data derived from leading API’s
  • Completely encrypted portfolio for investors
  • Users will be able to view and compare their portfolios with those submitted by opponents

For more information, please visit https://www.btcurrencies.com/go/fundfantasy


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