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trade.io’s Announcement On The Forthcoming Tier Change For Its TIO


Zug Switzerland: trade.io just made an announcement to the effect that more than15.5 million US Dollars has been raised since the launch of the ICO. More than six thousand participants have already enlisted to be part of this trading revolution. When the level of trading activity will be at its highest, the company intends to change tiers that will essentially have an effect on the Trade Token (TIO). As a result, the value will increase from the current 1 ETH = 900 and rise to 1 ETH = 800 TIO. The change is anticipated to happen on December 14, 2017 at 08:59 CET. 

The news immediately follows the statement issued by the board, which alluded to their intention to secure a US-based dealer/broker and the launch of a chain of several partnerships with the industry leaders of blockchain including the University of Nicosia and HitBTC. It is worth noting that HitBTC is expected to list the Trade Token (TIO) in the course of the month of January in 2018. In addition, the company has plans to sponsor a blockchain incubator in partnership with the University of Nicosia, which shall be referred to as “the Bitcoin University”. It essentially becomes the pioneer academic institution globally to publish and certify academic works on the Bitcoin blockchain.

After securing more than 15.5 million US Dollars in funding, which by far surpasses the soft target that was initially set, the company is now able to develop the technologies it committed to the first adopters that include FXPrimus, Primus Capital Markets, and many others.

Even so, the most attractive proposition for the current token holders is the chance to take part in a Liquidity Pool that is constantly on the rise. The liquidity pool, an innovation within the circles of blockchain makes it possible for eligible participants to gain from the successes made by the company. The eligible participants benefit by getting regular rebates which come in the form of ETH or fiat.

CEO, Jim Preissier’s comment on the major announcement: We have been overwhelmed by the support we got from the group, as well as the huge number of individuals who expressed their interest by hopping on the bandwagon of the trading revolution. We won’t rest on our laurels; instead, we shall continue pushing forward proactively with our new partnerships and the new blockchain innovations, thereby enabling us to add great value for the present participants comprising of our industry leading liquidity pool.

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