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Special Offer by FundFantasy: 50% Bonus for 48 Hours as a Tribute to Recovering Crypto-Community

Fund Fantasy

London, March 20th, 2018 – Due to the recent market fluctuation, FundFantasy is offering the crypto community a 50% good-faith bonus on their FUNDZ for next 48 hours, as the market makes efforts to rebound. In order to participate in the 48-hour promotion, visit https://ico.fundfantasy.com/

What is FundFantasy?
FundFantasy is a Daily Fantasy Trading (DFT) Platform allowing users to compete for prizes by crafting the most profitable investment portfolio they can come up with.

Why is FundFantasy Interesting?

  1. Development of the platform is already in advanced stages, and is available on https://www.fundfantasy.com. Launch of the mobile version was due on Q3 of 2018, and is already live ahead of time.
  2. The FundFantasy ICO will redistribute unsold tokens pro-rata to Presale and ICO investors only (Team, founders, advisors etc. are excluded from the distribution of unsold tokens). This protects investors from dilution as a result of burning the unsold tokens. For more information about this dynamic check out the following article on their blog: Unsold Tokens 
  3. The FundFantasy platform was unveiled a little over a month ago and is already approaching 2,000 users
  4. Of all the many ICO’s out there, FundFantasy was officially chosen to appear on CNBC, CNN, History Channel and more. The show, called “Advancements” and hosted by Ted Danson, will focus on advancements in technology.
  5. FundFantasy’s partnership with Coinomi allows for easy handling of FundTokens after the ICO.
  6. The team is both responsive and very active, with ambitious yet realistic long-term plans.


  1. It’s refreshing to see an ICO that is on schedule, has an MVP, goes to lengths to protect investors, and has long-term plans. Their whitepaper is actually a very nice read with some very insightful points about the current situation about the retail trading market. After reading it, FundFantasy’s vision becomes much clearer and is really quite revolutionary and very interesting – no wonder they’re getting attention from the mainstream media.

    To Participate Now -> https://ico.fundfantasy.com
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