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Xmoneta XMN

XmonetaXmoneta (XMN) is an Ethereum-based app featuring social network, messaging and banking technologies. It is the world’s first decentralized and encrypted app for both business and social use. Xmoneta opens the world of limitless possibilities by allowing its users to chat with friends, read books, trade at a market platform, organize their business, hold money on a secure wallet and buy goods from e-shops. The most important benefit of Xmoneta is that it is available for both cryptocurrency and fiat users. Individuals find it convenient for transferring and exchanging currencies within the app. Smartphone users enjoy the convenience of using a user-friendly interface that enables them trade and interact right from their phones.

Xmoneta has been designed to take the Blockchain technology to the next step by making both cryptocurrencies and traditional money quickly accessible to all users. Users of this app are not restrained by regional borders meaning they will be able to create multiple connections from around the globe. It brings cryptocurrency platform offline for flexible trading.

The app enables users to invest from a minimum of 0.1 ETH. There is no limit on the number of tokens a person can buy. Similarly, there is no maximum amount an individual can transact within the app. Besides, those who’ve invested in Xmoneta get an opportunity to participate in Pre ICO. By investing in Xmoneta, individuals stand a chance of enjoying attractive benefits including a 50% XMN bonus. Additionally, there are fantastic discounts on all the XMN services. Users can sell their tokens and grab instant profits. There are great bonuses for users who invest anything more than 100 ETH. Again, those who invest more than 15ETH in a single transaction can grab an additional bonus and up to 20% discount.

Furthermore, users are provided with their cryptocurrency spending card. The card bears the card number, expiry date, the name and address of the user. The first 500 cards are given to contributors of first 500 token sales but with more than 20 ETH.

What makes Xmoneta unique from other similar projects is its target audience. Xmoneta is reliable and can be utilized by a broad range of Ethereum users regardless of whether they are experienced or newbies. Both cryptoanalysts and casual social network users can use the app alike. The app is very easy to navigate and use. All that is needed is a user to create a nickname that people will use to find them. It doesn’t matter whether they have a phone number or not. There is a multi-search function that allows one to find anything they are looking for as it provides instant search results. Besides, there is an auto-save function that saves anything in the draft in case of a distraction. So, an individual can revisit what they were writing anytime.

The website is constantly scanned for malicious codes and vulnerabilities. An individual’s data is strongly encrypted meaning it is available only to authorized personnel. Messages and chats are secured with end-to-end encryption and servers cannot decrypt them. Interlocutor’s devices only save them. It is a secure app that suits the needs of most crypto and fiat money users. Xmoneta (XMN)

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