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Smart Valley (SVT)

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Smart Valley (SVT)At first glance, you may think that Smart Valley (SVT) is an investment in high-tech companies – concerning Silicon Valley; Alternatively, this unique platform is an analog with a broader applicability in crypto-investment. Connecting investors to the right projects, strengthening investment decisions, raising funds for crypto projects with the most promising perspectives and preserving the integrity of ICO conventions around the world.

One of the most difficult states for crypto-currency investors is a thorough exercise in determining what the ICO will do, and if they are good for short-term, medium-term or long-term investments. Usually, this requires careful evaluation of documents, company profile, technical support and team structure, or even concerning influential advisors.

Also, project developers tend to complicate the situation when they are not attractive enough for members of the crypto-currency space, especially when they do not meet their expectations (soft cap) or roadmaps in the early stages of the ICO.

Smart Valley (SVT) Ecosystem

Smart Valley creates an ecosystem for an easy and safe investment solution; this may be the best way to go to the ICO websites. Only in this case, the system cooperates with investors, project proponents and experts who form a cryptic community.

Cryptocurrency and ICOs have changed how traditional investment opportunities are viewed by the masses, as well as with decentralized book technology; this has reduced the distance between experienced investors, but also developers and project developers. Although this circle continues to be simplified, it would soon be even more difficult to understand how investments in crypto projects work without a proper incentive.

Smart Valley provides a series of solutions that mitigate the high risks associated with cryptographic investments. Although its central idea relates to project evaluation and access to the most promising ICO project, it also has its value, which depends on the interaction between project proponents / investors and project developers who use the system token to exchange “value.”

Smart Valley project –

As soon as the project passes through the platform to launch its product, investors, experts and members of the token community evaluate the possibility of using the project together with its MVP, if any, and cast votes according to their symbolic rates on the platform. This vote is important to determine which project the platform will finance to support them, and in return, the platform receives project markers. Eventually, the internal platform token decreases as they burn after use. Then the ecosystem becomes a decentralized repository for high profile tokens, which the community exchanges with their knowledge – they marked it as a store of tokens.

A unique scoring system uses experts from different areas to determine qualitative estimates. Currently, they have a prototype (MVP) for the platform, which works as an alpha version of the main product, with a basic overview and expert evaluation of competence.

On the developer’s side, the projects have a chance to hone their potential and face skilled and experienced cryptanalysts who can better understand their projects, rather than scouting and roaming in the crypto space in search of supporters and supporters. On a single platform, their value is estimated, and the opportunity also provides land to more than sufficient investors.

The system is automated; therefore direct manipulation of the surveys is impossible since the project evaluation covers the financial potential, the functionality of the block, legal aspects, founders’ foundations and risk assessment.

Thanks to solutions provided by Smart Valley, the risks associated with investments and high-risk fraud are sharply reduced.

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