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hada dbankHADACoin was made and plans to raise capital for the advancement of DBANK HADA. Purchasers will have the capacity to utilize HADACoin to lead saving money exchanges or day by day exercises. DBANK’s HADA clients will be issued with a Debit Card, which enables them to execute with HADACoin on a saving money stage or another dealer all inclusive. 

HADA DBANK Sharia Banking with Blockchain Technology. HADA DBANK will turn into the world’s first Blockchain-based Digital Bank to coordinate Shariah Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, and to make a moral and dependable keeping money biological community. As the current Digital Bank and recently made Blockchain Bank concentrate on Conventional Banking administrations, DBA HADA settles on Islamic Banking administrations.
Islamic banks are less hazardous and more laborious than their companions, because of parts of their bank’s capital needs and investment funds preparation. Dissimilar to Conventional Banking, investors to Sharia Banks are qualified for be educated of what banks do with their cash. They additionally have a vote in which their money ought to be contributed. Sharia banks likewise look to stay away from enthusiasm at all levels of budgetary exchanges and advance hazard sharing amongst moneylenders and borrowers.


There are two essential standards in sharia managing an account. One is the sharing of benefits and misfortunes; and two, altogether, the disallowance of premium accumulation and installment by leasers and financial specialists. Gathering interest or “Riba” isn’t allowed under Islamic law. On account of benefits, both the bank and its clients in the extent settled upon beforehand. If there should be an occurrence of misfortune, every single monetary misfortune will then be borne by the loan specialist. What’s more, sharia banks cannot make obligation without products and ventures to help it (i.e., physical resources including apparatus, hardware, and stock). In this way, stores, stores, and ventures with DBAN HADA will be upheld by physical resources, for example, valuable metals and gemstones.

Syariah saving money isn’t only for Muslims. It’s for everybody. Try not to give that name a chance to conceal you. Minding and Personal is the center estimation of DBAD’s HADA, forming and impacting administrations, exchanges, associations and maintaining a business. These words will control the conduct of the DBANK HADA association, and remotely with clients and society.


Give Ethical and Responsible Banking Services to all individuals, particularly the current “Unbanked” populace.


Turn into The Leading Global Blockchain and Digital Bank that stresses Ethics and Responsibilities through Sharia Banking Principles and Services.


1 Free scrambled record and e-wallet

a.Smartphone – App Banking

b. Non-Smart Phone – SMS/USSD Code

2. Reserve funds and Withdrawals

a. Least 5% Savings Return for each year

b. No withdrawal charges

3. Exchange, Remittance, and Exchange

a. Exchange/Remittance of free subsidizes (FIAT and Cryptocurrency) between individual investment account and e-wallet

b. 0% expense on trade exchanges through HADA Exchange (between digital currencies). There is no charge on the primary FIAT cash amid FIAT trades

c. Associate with accomplices or open the API to improve loan costs for different monetary forms

4. Credits and Investments

a. 0% Loan Interest

b. 10% least speculation return

5. Constant Payments

Constant Payments utilize HADACoin and Cryptocurrencies/Tokens through our Debit Card.

Point System 

Gather focuses on your costs with e-Wallet or Debit Card and change into a trade or out the type of Cryptocurrency/token. Utilize it as an extra rebate to pay for whatever you need and spare more on your buy. You can likewise utilize gathered toward reclaim anything you like in accomplice e-shopping centers or physical outlets around the globe.

Instantly join and pick up advantage with HADA DBANK, past rundown through authority site, and bear in mind to dependably get used to perusing whitepaper because it contains critical surveys about DBANK HADA benefits and additionally other intriguing data not recorded here. Moreover take after critical stations, for example, wire, facebook, twitter and others identified with DBANK HADA. Well for you additionally can memingikuti abundance program to get HADACOIN.

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