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Refereum (RFR)

Refereum (RFR)

RefereumRefereum (RFR) creates a link among the game developer, the gamers, viewers, and streamers. The platform intends to take care of a critical issue in the gaming fraternity where developers incur high expenses artificially to get to their fans. Then the influencers have the most prominent following on the web. However, they don’t see the profits you might presume in light of their audience’s size. All this is caused by brokers.

Advertising stages take a considerable share of every video’s promoting income. Game developers likewise have to pay for promotions on these platforms, with a noteworthy percentage going to the brokers. The final results is that game developers are incurring a lot to get to their audience, gamers aren’t being compensated for review or game playing, and influencers aren’t catching the maximum capacity of their audience.

This is where Refereum (RFR) is coming to play where it is removing the advertising mediator by straightforwardly compensating influencers and gamers to advance and play computer games.

Who’s Behind Refereum (RFR)?

The team behind Refereum comprises of industry experienced person from the gaming business and advanced publicizing world. Key individuals incorporate Dylan Jones who is the founder Founder, Alistair Doulin the Chief Technical, Sloane Earl the Business Development, and Oleksii Mattiasevych the Smart Contract Author

How Does Refereum (RFR) Work?

The whole Refereum platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes savvy contracts and ERC20 tokens. Smart contracts direct payments to anybody associated with the Refereum network who finishes a particular assignment. Beforehand, giving out prizes like this has been challenging due to legal hindrances and geographical limitations.

Refereum (RFR) utilizes the blockchain to link developers specifically with the influencers, which brings about lower costs of promotion and more extended benefits for all. Besides more viable development, Refereum reinforces the dedication by offering money prizes, permitting rewards for anything from a high score in a game to an excellent eSports prize, for instance.

Players can win cash by playing computer games and influencers can adequately monetize their followers. Game developers can offer money rewards with another level of specificity to extend and grant prizes to their fans.

Advantages of Refereum

Refereum means to convey benefits to the three fundamental stakeholders in the gaming environment.


  • Earn cash from computer games
  • Share games to win commission
  • Trade or spread Refereum tokens (RFR) like money
  • Gain profits from gaming


  • Earn more cash by referring via Refereum (RFR)
  • Extra alternatives to earning are accessible through earn.Refereum.com.
  • Secure profits regardless of whether you have a little follow
  • Do everything with no legal expenses.


  • Attain unparalleled cost adequacy
  • Secure effortlessly adaptable direct promoting
  • Set any criteria for paid development
  • Offer money prizes for eSports, clans, competitions, and so on.

Refereum (RFR) ICO

The aggregate supply of RFR tokens is constrained to 50 million, half of which will be set for sale during the ICO. The cost per token will be settled at $1. However, there are rebates accessible for first participation.


Entertainment is the liveliest part of the human experience. One such way of entertainment is gaming. Refereum plans to convey advantages to the three noteworthy stakeholders in the gaming industry. The 3 are for the most part losing in the present system where developers pay excessively to get to their audience, gamers aren’t remunerated for their gaming, and influencers aren’t catching the maximum capacity of their crowd. Refereum (RFR) plans to take care of these issues with a one of a kind, blockchain-based platform.

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