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DigitalNote (XDN)

Have you ever thought of what is DigitalNote (XDN)? DigitalNote remains an open digital currency. It provides decentralized secure and highly protected blockchain network. The system includes ASIC resistant mining, secure GPU efficiency and instant untraceable protected messages.

This cryptocurrency provides a blockchain deposit with accumulating interests on your investments which are protected to secure the system. XDN operates fully on CryptoNote technology which is similar to XMR and BCN.

DigitalNote remains a full anonymous service that comes with unique features. While BCN and XMR cannot provide encrypted messages and deposit, with XDN the sky and above is your limit of success. On 30 May, 2014, DigitalNote came into existence and have since become a popular cryptocurrency to use, time and again. Based on the industry study created for mass adoption, DigitalNote’s maximum supply has been decided to be successful.

With DigitalNote protected messages, you will be able to add references and invoices to the coins which have been used or transferred. It is only the receiver and sender that have opportunity to see the message because XDN remains encrypted. It is important to know that XDN is not regulated by anyone.

The system makes use of fair ASIC- resistant PoW mining procedure and peer-to-peer technology to run with no third part or central authority. With XDN, you will get untraceable protected messaging transfers and global privacy secured transactions with zero processing fees in decentralized peer-to-peer system.

Mathematics empowers people to regulate their information and finances and as well protects the DigitalNote network. Your bank account remains the private key that you use while on the XDN network.

Freedom exists when using the network. There is no surveillance and censorship when using DigitalNote cryptocurrency. The system is designed to come with tons of amazing features. Instant encrypted messages, truly anonymous, blockchain deposits, libertarian economy, blockchain analysis resistant, secure and ASIC-resistant are some of the great features that the network offers.

By mining, it will be easy for you to get XDN. During the mining process, new DigitalNote will be generated for use.

Members or users will be given as incentive newly created XDN currency. This will help to protect the network with the help of CPU power. Through deposit, members are also able to get XDN for usage.

With interest rate of one percent annually, every DigitalNote member can make a deposit into their account. This deposit can be locked into the system from one month up to ten years.


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DigitalNote (XDN)
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