Trade.io publicizes it’s historic partnerships as it inaugurates the community demanded tiered token pricing structure.

Earlier this week, trade.io, one of the best and leading ICOs to invest with in 2017 made some 3 vital announcements. This move, which comes barely a week to their much awaited ICO sale has helped the firm to reaffirm it’s position as one of the dominant ICOs in the industry currently.

In a move that saw the company enter into a historic partnership with the University of Nicosia, two post-doctoral seats were set aside to foresee advanced research pertaining Distributed Ledger Technology. The research, which is to be financed by trade.io will not only focus individually on cross and side-chains compatibility but will also look into some of the best practices and implementations pertaining the smart token corporate governance.
HitBTC, a cryptocurrency exchange platform rumoured to be one of the largest, has also confirmed of it’s partnership with trade.io. The multi-million company boasts of daily volume recordings exceeding half a billion upwards and has been operational ever since 2014. As soon as the trade token is listed on the HitBTC exchange platform, TIO(trade.io token’s name) will trade against fellow cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).
As a result of the immense demand from the society, Trade.io has instigated a four-part layered pricing structure as follows.
  • 7th- 14th Dec: 1 ETH will go for 900 trade tokens.
  • 14th-21st Dec: 1 ETH will go for 800 trade tokens.
  • 21st- 28th Dec: 1 ETH will gor for 700 trade tokens.
  • 28th- 4th Jan(2018): 1 ETH will go for 600 trade tokens.
Commenting on a press briefer Jim Preissler, the company’s CEO, stated that the success of trade.io lies on the community and their voices play a huge role when it comes to some making some critical desicions in the firm. He went ahead to disclose that the board agreed to add the tiered pricing structure in a bid to extend the low trade token price demanded by the people. The move aims to reward early investors a much bigger incentive while also allowing them enough time for such contributions.
Its worth noting that the views expressed in this article were abstracted from a sponsored press release. It doesn’t express the opinion held by The Merkle’s employees. Do not consider this as an investment, gambling or trading advice. Instead, always carry your own research to come up with a more informed decision.
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