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Some Cryptocurrency Investors Decided to Went Out of Bitcoin

After the price decline of the Bitcoin which gathered 33% last April, some of the bitcoin investors are giving up on bitcoin instead of hanging on in its hope. For several months, bitcoin was recorded to reached $20,000 last December, and the 70% crash in the market in the crypto has tried the patience of many bitcoin investors.

Most of the cryptocurrency enthusiast are looking for the best way to earn a high profit with bitcoin. These bitcoin enthusiasts have strong optimism during market selloffs and hold on to “hold” which has been accepted as an acronym for “hold on for dear life.” However, most of the bitcoin investors suggest that their trust in this standard is declining.

Coinbase, the gigantic U.S crypto exchange firm, recently recorded a massive withdrew with their funds. Most of the exchange customer’s withdrew from the company, and as days passed by, the withdrawal from the exchange company has been increasing. During April, most of the investors took 37% more money out of the company that they have deposited.

For April, every $1.00 deposited in Coinbase, the company recorded $1.37 was withdrawn. During May, the deposits dwarfed, but according to Coinbase, it was only by 10%. It was then evaluated that during April where more withdrawals have been recorded from the company’s deposits.

The said analysis is based on the evaluation performed by Chime, a bank startup that provides free checking accounts. The analysis further explains that active customers who withdrawn their deposits are between ages 25 and 35. Coinbase, the exchange firm behind this notion refused to comment. The data revealed is notable since it shows all the negative sentiment of all the investors last April, the month where prices were rising. The gap presented is what turned investors to be pessimistic in their view for Bitcoin and the absence of confidence to its recovery.

The pattern shown in the data reflects some rookie investors who aren’t aware of the roller-coaster swinging in the price of bitcoin. The influx of the new investment into the Bitcoin often came from young bitcoin investors when compared to older age. From a tweet last week by the Coinbase, it says that the downturn is what makes some of the investors to decide to went out of bitcoin. Experts also suggest that no one can ever predict the future of bitcoin.


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