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How Do You Sell Bitcoins?

This question always pop ups for many people who do not understand the concept of bitcoins. The truth is that you can now find a gamut of ways to sell your bitcoins. From peer-to-peer trading marketplaces and exchange trades to direct trades, selling your bitcoins remain simple. Read on to discover some methods on how to sell your bitcoins.

Peer-to-peer Trading Marketplaces:

There is a plethora of websites that are designed to help both sellers and buyers trade on bitcoins. These websites usually help two groups of people with complementary and specific needs to achieve their goal. The first group of people is those that want to purchase bitcoins by using debit or credit card or even other e-wallet methods. The second group of people is those that like to make use of bitcoin in purchasing products from websites which cannot accept digital currencies directly. With the peer-to-peer trading marketplaces, people with matching needs will be able to trade on bitcoin easily. These marketplaces will help provide people the platform to use escrow and bitcoin wallet for transactions.

Exchange Trades:

Registering with an online exchange is another amazing method to market bitcoins. There is every possibility to verify your identity with this approach. Nevertheless, this may be an optional choice because much work to organize the sale remains important. In this scenario, there will be an intermediary that keeps both parties’ funds. The seller will have to place an order with comprehensive information to market bitcoins. This information will also include the price per unit the seller wants to market bitcoins. The exchange will complete the transaction when an individual places a matching purchase order. Once the operation is over, the currency required will be added to your account. One disadvantage of this method is that it may take some time to transfer the currency into your account. This is if the exchange faces liquidity issues.

Direct Trades:

Today, you can find a couple of websites providing this type of service. You will need to register as a seller on these websites. It also calls for verifying your identity to perform any bitcoin sales transaction. An offer can be published by you after registering on these websites. Ensure that the order shows you want to market your bitcoins. The website will now alert the seller whenever there is a buyer willing to take the offer.


Using any of the three methods mentioned above will help you sell your bitcoins in an ephemeral of time. It is important to verify your identity and be fully registered on these websites to remain safe.

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