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Substratum (SUB)


We want to earn money while we sleep. That’s the idea behind Substratum. But that’s not all. Along with making money and letting people make money, the organization also really wants to help the entire web. The nature of the organization is to create a truly decentralized web interface and be at the center of it. 

this works is to enable users of the system to turn their personal computers into servers, driving traffic to the end user who is looking for data on the web. In turn earning money through the amount of bandwidth used by website owners. This will all be paid in crypto currency of course, the Substrate; the crypto currency token that Substratum uses.

If you ask us, this is a truly genius idea. This will allow free and unrestricted access to content online. The company aims to make it less technical and easier to use the crypto currency interface for the end user. The best thing about the system is the security that the servers have.

A decentralized system does not allow the government, or any other corporation to use or manipulate the data you have, or have looked for on the internet in any way against you.

Their browser services all the requests and the users don’t need to have a special app or software to use the internet. Technical knowledge is not required for the set up and the system is here for the long run.

So, make the right decision and invest in something that’s right.

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