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eBitcoin (EBTC)


ebtcneweBitcoin (EBTC) is a group driven crypto biological community where the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum meet.

Bitcoin prepared and Ethereum with its Smart Contract capacity made the establishment for eBitcoin to use the best of the two universes. All things considered, our vision is to assemble an environment that consists of Apps, amusement product , Tools, Gateways, and other specialized upsets in which eBTC is the coursing installment technique.

Being an open source Community, we have a broad worldwide group that works day and night and we are continually welcoming different engineers with a similar vision to join our regularly expanding worldwide group of square chain designers.

We can enable you to breath life into your thoughts with our group’s learning, genuine system, and extraordinary group.

You have a thought, but no information of blockchain? You are an awesome designer, but have no clue how to have an ICO or have the fortitude to go to advertise? You as of now bombed because of a missing part?


To additionally enable our vision of conveying crypto applications and instruments to standard clients the eBitcoin Foundation is proud to present to you an equipment wallet with moment access to the blockchain through proxycard. We are preparing forward to having Crypto currency for everybody with a basic and client arranged app so everybody can use the currency without bounds.

eBitcoin wallet

Executing the In-house Payment Application

eBitcoin’s Own Wallet (iOS and Android)

Worldwide Marketing and Outreach Put to Work

Vendor Integration Continues

Creating Online Payment Solutions for Magento, Shopify, 3d Cart and Miva among others.

eBitcoin Solutions

Streamlining Merchant Integration

Fiat to eBitcoin Online Portals

Vendor Integration, Social Action and Global Mainstreaming economically continues

NFC (Near Field Communication) Cards

Organizations and Collaboration with Direct Payment Solutions

Distributed Solution for exchanging and Market-put Portals

Incorporation with Innovative Use-instances of different DApps and DAOs.

In-house Application

Group Talent Translates into DApps and DAOs

Settle Global Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Significant Exchanges

eBitcoin Community

Social Action through Community Involvement

Provincial and Global Awareness and Adoption Campaigns

Advancement begins on eBitcoin utilize cases


The greatest supply of eBitcoin is capped to 21,000,000 and there is no plausibility to expand this supply.

Bolster eBitcoin

This has been very some adventure as of now, and we have recently begun. Crypto-aficionados, please demonstrate your unweavering backing and eagerness for eBitcoin by going to CEX.io and upvoting our “eBTC Token Addition” asks for at these astonishing stages.

Refresh on ask for: Official reaction from Shapeshift has been that eBitcoin has been added to their disclosure list, right now. Along these lines, your vote is considerably more imperative to help demonstrate Shapeshift.io how essential eBitcoin is to the eventual fate of Cryptocurrency.

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