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PotCoin (POT)

PotCoin was released in early 2014 , creating a buzz around the town and springing an ambiguous atmosphere. Many news reports portended the arrival of a digital currency for the legal cannabis market.

PotCoin is an alternative payment network that is used for buying or selling marijuana anonymously without the involvement of cash transactions . PotCoin is a network created mainly for cannabis users , merchants , dealers and industrial professionals.

This network allows cannabis enthusiasts to interact , transact , communicate and function as a strong work force involving them to grow together in unity . It was reported that the overall value of PotCoin has fallen dramatically.

In a time when myriad nations are legalising marijuana , it’s a bitter surprise that such a drop in numbers even occured. But the currency was everntually taken over by a new set of administrators like PotWallet , a PayPal service crater to make using PotCoin more practical. It no longer is minable .

Potcoin now runs on a proof – of – stake system where it’s users earn approximately 5%-7% interest on their currency .


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