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Sydney Ifergan Joins The Board of Advisors of AdSigma

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Sydney Ifergan has got onboard with the AdSigma team as an advisor. Sydney is a crypto community Advisor Expert at ICObench, an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts. He is amongst the top 30 crypto advisors. He has over 20 years of commercial experience, and his expertise stems from the various streams like – Financial advisory, digital marketing, ICO advisory etc. 

With over ten years of experience in the marketing, he understands the concept as well as the working model of AdSigma very well. He will be working as a digital marketing specialist and shall use his knowledge and expertise to enhance our performance. In recent years, he has been consulting various brokerages globally on their online marketing and utilization of technology to improve their results.

Successful marketing is a crucial component of any business. At AdSigma, we want to reach to as many publishers, advertisers, bloggers and readers as possible. Not only is the marketing and distribution of core information vital, being able to work with experts in a variety of fields which the AdSigma concept relies on is just as crucial. This is why we love having experts and dynamic personalities like Sydney on board for our exciting journey.

Sydney has over a decade’s worth of frontline experience in search engine optimization (SEO), as well as digital online marketing and web analytics under his belt. Sydney thrives within a team environment and loves stepping up to the plate when the going gets tough. We truly believe that Sydney has a lot to offer to AdSigma, not just in marketing our unique concept to the world, but also adding his considerable weight and expertise in our core areas of cryptocurrency and ICO.

He has been associated with many successful ICO’s. He works as a crypto community advisor for Alcaeus Labs’ DIW tokens, advisor for trade.io, crypto and ICO expert for XinFin and ZeroEdge.Bet and marketing advisor for USAT, Deep Aero Drones and FundFantasy. He works as the Chief marketing officer at Lydian. He is the keynote speaker at a very popular ICO Expo going to be held in Montreal.

He was the Chief Executive Officer at GK Option, a chief marketing officer at Stock.com. Sydney has an ICO Success Score of 34.7 at the ICObench. He has led various ICO’s to the success in the past. Also, he is accredited for dramatically increasing the user traffic and popularity of many websites through his brilliant SEO and digital marketing skills. We are happy and excited to have him on board.

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