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Roger Crook – ex CEO of DHL joined Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Gambling as an advisor

Roger Crook

ZeroEdge is a unique concept set to revolutionise the way you can experience online casino gambling. For the first time in the history of casino gambling, you can enjoy casino games without any house edge. Currently, all online casino games come with a house edge, the advantage that the casino has over you, which varies between 1% to 10% or more, depending on the game. Thanks to a unique crypto currency called Zerocoin, ZeroEdge offers the only online casino games that are truly fair to you, the player and the playing fields are levelled.

Meet Roger Crook – Crypto Currency Advisor for Zerocoin

ZeroEdge is proud to introduce Roger Crook, ex CEO of DHL, as one of our chief advisors for zerocoin. Roger brings with him a tremendous amount of hands on experience within several sectors, including fintech, logistics tech, and blockchain disruption space. Roger is the CEO of Capital Springboard, the leading peer-to-peer invoice financing platform for SME’s, based in Singapore and, with over 25 years of international operational and leadership experience, is the ideal ICO advisor for zerocoin.

With Pre-ICO sales in zerocoin scheduled for end February through March, as well as ICO scheduled to run from end March through to August, Roger will be right in the thick of things, bringing his considerable experience in leading international teams to success. Through working with DHL, the world’s largest freight forwarding company, Roger knows how important it is to always push for the best possible outcome, keeping things running smoothly and to schedule. The sale of Zero Tokens is set to reach unprecedented levels, as more and more online gamblers learn all about the benefits of gambling at a the world’s first truly fair 0% house edge online casino network. It helps to know that someone of Roger’s calibre is there to ensure that your investment remains one of the smartest investment decisions that you will ever make.

Zerocoin – How it Works

ZeroEdge, through the zeroedge.bet platform, is the world’s first truly fair online gambling site thanks to its 0% house edge model. Unlike conventional online casinos that make their profit through the losses on games played by their members, ZeroEdge has found a new way to generate a profit through zerocoin. Zerocoin is a unique crypto currency that is based on Ethereum smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain. This in turn, provides a smarter, faster, and safer way to gamble online using a unique crypto currency. ZeroEdge casino games can only be played using ZeroEdge Tokens, which allows ZeroEdge to realise their profits through the sale of ZeroEdge Tokens (zerocoin) and not through your losses as a gambler. In other words, you invest in ZeroEdge Tokens and, in exchange, you get to enjoy a truly fair 0% house edge on casino games, poker, live casino games, and sports betting at zeroedge.bet.

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