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DIWtoken.com’s Vision Of A Secure, Decentralized Digital Life


DIWtoken.com has recently gone live about their ICO offering as the token enters the Whitelist stage. Early investors are welcome to join in and get to know all about the project while the token is at its lowest possible buying price.

Details regarding DIW can be found at the BTCurrencies main page. According to the site, DIW seeks to fill in the security gap and vulnerabilities surrounding private and sensitive data such as health care records, log in details, bank details and ID documents, among others using an innovative technology called the Secure Digital Vault. This security platform will be the global directory springboard that individuals and companies can access with complete transparency, which in turn promotes trust and the highest levels of security. Users will be able to access a Secure Payment Gateway that can accept both crypto and fiat currency on e-commerce websites. The introduction of such a system promotes adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global level.

Concerns About Data Breach

Digital data is a staple in all industries nowadays. As such, when a data breach occurs massive repercussions happen. The global system is thrown in a disarray in terms of security and stability. Huge data breaches affect millions of people from all over the world. For this reason a lot of prominent security and tech companies are doing intensive research. They are looking for ways on how they can protect the identities and personal information of their subscribers for safety reasons and peace of mind.

The World’s Reaction Regarding Data Security Breaches

Naturally, people get concerned when their private and confidential information are hacked by malicious individuals. There have been instances in history where multinational companies get hacked and all their digital data are stolen by non-authorized entities. These confidential information get sold for a price on black market platforms such as the Dark Web; people are afraid of what may happen when these information are used for personal gain.
Even industry leaders are worried about their subscriber’s information falling into the wrong hands. The problem with data breaches is that it affects both digital and physical aspects of an organization, most notably their security and safety, and even ownership in some cases.
The government has issued statements and reports that hacking is on the rise. The Federal Bureau of Investigation mentioned that cyber attackers are now increasing their efforts and targeting sensitive information located on data servers across the world. Serious security breaches can lead to dire consequences, including societal disorder and even the triggering of World War III.

Online Fraud Is On The Rise

Since 2013 there have been around 9 billion data stolen by hackers. Approximately 96 percent of these data are usable. In 2017 alone, 2 billions records have been stolen from the government database, alongside security breaches from industries such as health care, education and technology. Without stronger and better security measures, these figures will only rise each year.
What’s more, there’s a growing number of people who fall victim to cyber theft. The trend continues to increase by approximately 14 percent every 3 years, with the rate rising each year. In a recent report, 75% of companies have admitted to the fact that they were victims of a data breach, with 69% of the victims suffering significant financial losses after the incident. Individuals who have made online transactions are more prone to losses as compared to those who don’t. Finding a trustworthy company who’s willing to protect their consumer’s private data is becoming a more difficult affair nowadays.
DIW token seeks to address the growing concerns regarding online security by offering a fully transparent global market that has a secure transaction system in place.

The Growth Of Cryptocurrency

In just 12 months’ time, cryptocurrencies in general have seen a massive increase of around 1,700 percent. It has long since passed the $600 billion threshold. The only notable downside is that cryptocurrencies haven’t reached widespread use yet; token holders use crypto to buy online goods and services. Crypto still has a long way to go to becoming accepted as a world-wide currency that can be used in daily transactions.

DIW Token Proposal

BTCurrencies has mentioned that the creators of DIW has plans to address the issues mentioned above and still have enough to make DIW into a global, blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform having its own ecosystem.
DIW token holders will be able to gain access to the network and use the Secure Vault. The Vault will allow them to store any and all private and confidential information, including login details, health care records, legal contracts, financial documents, KYS and KYC, passports and identities. Investing organizations will also be able to access a Global Directory as a way to look for the services they need. The platform ensures a valid identity and secure credentials each time an individual logs in. Transactions are made with full transparency between members which guarantee a higher level of security. What’s more, members will be able to see each other’s stat performances via a native rating score. Additional features such as contract-based escrow services will be offered as well.
Last but not the least, DIW plans to incorporate a Payment Gateway platform that can easily be integrated on e-commerce sites that utilize both fiat and crypto currency. This move will bring cryptocurrencies into a more widespread platform as a whole and enable users to use crypto in everyday transactions.
ICO Crowdfunding Phase
Phase 1- Introduce the Digital Vault feature.
Phase 2- Introduce the Payment Gateway.
Phase 3- Discuss the development of Global Directory.
Phase 4- Introduce Escrow Services via smart contracts.
Phase 5- Discuss the integration of Electronic Healthcare Records within the Healthcare industry.
All these features will be handled by a decentralized blockchain-based network that keeps contained data encrypted while still being accessible to the respective user.
DIW creators intend to proceed with the crowdfunding phase in order for the token to see the light of day. The ICO has just entered the initial phase which is called the Whitelist. Interested investors and token buyers can visit the main website at Diwtoken.com to learn more about the crypto and the dev team in general.
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