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AI and Blockchain: The Next Digital Revolution in the marketing industry

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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the two waves that are currently taking the technological world by storm. Perhaps, this can be witnessed in the past months where immense permeation of AI services like e-commerce and banking and LIVE AI beta products like Chatbots. The outranking of the initially dominating Go player, Ke Jie by AI is another clear indicator of how supreme AI will be in the near future. Similarly, the same trend has been shown by several global banks embracing the use of blockchain-oriented ledgers. Among the top banks that have been on the forefront in testing the technique include The Monetary Authority of Singapore and Bank of Canada. In fact, they have issued tokenized currency on blockchain technology.

The primary goal of AI is to improve the profitability of corporations. AI is a pretty simple concept that can be quickly understood by many. Recent stats by Accenture indicates that AI is expected to bring an economic boost of $14 trillion by the year 2035 in 16 industries of 12 different countries. Central banks of most countries are also planning to implement the trend by putting their existing currencies on the blockchain platform. The most desirable thing about the move is that it’ll allow improved security for all transactions between traders without necessarily involving a third party. Such a strategy will not only provide efficiency and transparency but will also reduce transaction fees.

The blockchain technology is expected to revolutionize the 16 different industries that are being impacted. It will bring a significant boost to the growing $230+ billion digital advertising that we are part of. Fraud and other challenges related to supply chain that are being witnessed in the industry are the major setbacks plaguing the economy and is amounting to $8+ billion every year. The technique is intended to turn the marketplace around and reduce fraud by bringing the long-anticipated transparency. It means vendors will enjoy secure exchanges particularly for the non-PII data of their audience. With the unresolved EU GDPR data control, this field has been the sole target for Gravity4 to use the current solutions to solve past problems.

Additionally, the use of Smart contracts in the blockchain platform will be advantageous in executing contracts after an agreement is reached. This will translate to smooth and hassle-free transactions.

The blockchain is a distributed network that involves a host of peer networks that verify every transaction. Such process is critical in cases where accountability is needed, fraud must be eliminated, and challenges related to Address must be resolved. Several companies are currently looking for ways to resolve the issue by building blockchain platforms with no demand or supply. However, Gravity4 views blockchain as a basic need that operates on an already set advertising platform.

There is no need to reemphasize on the matter but what remains is to add some improvements. Consequently, it will lead to the introduction of a new data-oriented Omni-channel marketing. Much more is expected from Gravity4.

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