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NaPoleonX (NPX)


napoleonXNaPoleonX is a new crypto currency that offers the first solution of joint scholarly investment that is intended for people who hold cyrptocurrencies, by creating Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAF). Each smart contract of DAF will be regulated by a combination of trading bots as a standalone fund. In the first stage, every DAF will be created for individual underlying assets that will be combined and resolved in the second stage of the DAF. Napoleon Crypto SAS, a French company, will deploy NaPoleonX.

NaPoleonX’s crypto-asset management ICO

Quantitative investing strategies were first embraced by French mathematician Loius Bachelier who applied multifaceted mathematical concepts in studying financial markets and ended up setting fundamental investor tactics that are applied in the algorithm of cryptocurrencies. Hence, quant investments depend on the application of complex statistical and mathematical principles in order to find and ascertain investment opportunities.

With the advent of the computer and technology smart investors are conducting financial assessments by using technologies like Blockchain to discover more opportunities where quant investment speculations are viable. NaPoleonX is a new crypto-asset management ICO that is focused on developing and expanding quant investment strategies through the Blockchain technology.

In other words, it’s the first company to introduce a new ICO that offers asset management services for crypto holders or investors through a platform that runs on the blockchain called Napoleon Crypto. This is practicable because NaPoleonX will use the DAFs as a new type of quant hedge funds running on the blockchain community. DAFs have the potential of investing on a wide range of financial markets by using bots to identify credible and most profitable investment opportunities. NaPoleonX has a launched an ICO that is scheduled to start on January 22, 2018.

How NaPoleonX Works

A strategic mechanism will be devised for sending trading bots to NPX token holders so as to ensure that NPX tokens are used in accessing the information. The faster the information is transmitted the faster you can get a chance to hold even more tokens and use them at your sole desecration. Napoleon Capital has over 20 strategies, which allows investors to create 10 DAF that were confirmed by the token holders. Napoleon Capital will provide the created strategies to Napoleon Crypto. You can be a strategy if you can:

  • Offer a number of current trading strategies that correspond to the underlying assets
  • Implement the strategies for DAF accounting purposes if you’re licensed to manage assets.

Its popularity through online presence

Even though a strong social media presence is not enough to conclude that a company is trustworthy, NaPoleonX�s popularity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn and YouTube is a clear indicator that the company is destined for big things in the near future. Furthermore, it has well-designed websites with subdued but stylish color palette and all sections that you’ll expect from an ICO. Its Whitepaper is informative with a comprehensive Whitepaper structure and the value proposition is instantly recognizable for any potential investors interested in cryptocurrencies.


The concept of quantitative trading is just as incomprehensible to most people as Martian markings. However, the NaPoleonX ICO’s value proposition is quite appealing to investors with a mathematical or financial brainpower and any budding investor who wants to put this algorithm to test in a bid to make money. Blockchain technology has evolved to the extent of devising various investment strategies and applying them in trading bots through Napoleon Crypto Trading Bots.

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