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The potential of the future of gaming when blockchain is integrated in the gaming industry is exciting in numerous ways. LIX Platform reimagines a more transparent and inclusive gaming economy. Firstly, our decentralized crowdfunding platform will bring the much-needed realization of many people’s independent developers’ dream projects simply by submitting design documents and issuing tokens. The other pillar of LIX Platform’s initiative is an open and decentralized gaming assets economy. In this article, I will go over the opportunities the latter has to offer.

An Open, Decentralized Marketplace

The gaming economy is about to be extended beyond a single gaming environment. The current asset trading marketplace is somewhat of a mild black market. Striking deals in online chatrooms resonates to a pastime activity rather than a mainstream branch of gaming economy. Despite its failings and shortcomings, gaming asset economy has slowly carved its niche in gaming culture. Now, one can trade in in-game assets in online auctions such as eBay. Commodities exchanged are usually gaming characters, character upgrades and rare in-game collectibles to equip gamers to achieve their gaming quests and climb rankings faster and more easily. For gamers, spending some money is a small price to pay in order to save time and enjoy the gaming experience more. To date, some of the notable transactions in this space are a $38000 purchase for a Dota2 character and a $ 635,000 investment of a nightclub property in the Entropia Universe.


The case for LIX PLATFORM

In a mostly unregulated marketplace, the establishment of a robust decentralized store will be a win-win situation for gaming publishers and players alike. The LIX economy will bring order and transparency for trade in online goods through its open, decentralized marketplace using LIX. LIX will also be the currency for crowdfunding games on LIX Platform, raising the value of the currency even further the more the LIX economy grows. Participants will be able to easily cash out their LIX into fiat through exchanging on their exchange wallets. Using cryptocurrency wallets, everyone will be able to transact peer-to-peer. This trustless workflow will streamline trade in virtual goods, and to bring even more participants in the ecosystem.

There will be a fixed supply of rare in-game items and renewable amount of renewable resources like food. The idea is to encourage as much participants as possible by having low-cost fees for issuing one’s assets. Assets are verifiable on the blockchain through identification with an appropriate hash key, memo id, and text data.


To enable inflationary value, LIX coins will be staked through a leased proof-of-stake. More on proof-of -stake here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof-of-stake . You can support this cause by taking part in the ICO planned for later this year, and we can make this dream a reality for the gaming industry.

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