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Iconomi (ICN)

There are still some disparages about the response to a certain question; what is Iconomi (ICN) all about? ICONOMI is a digital asset management platform where unique technical service allows any investors to invest and manage their assets.

Any reasonable investor who has not been part of ICONMI is missing on a lot of prospects. For all it is worth, this is a real platform to get into Crypto world by index investing that are managed by experts. This fantastic policy brings together channel funds from investors and promising projects. Iconomi is the platform for any sane matron that intends to gain maximum access to the opportunities that exist in this decentralized economy.

Many investors know a lot of gains of index investing. There are so many benefits they can get when they invest in the index than investing in stocks individually. Just like the long-term wealth creation with a consistency factor, index funds have low cost.

Inconomi assists new and expert investors to grow their investments in an endless crypto world without futile effort of wasting time researching individual projects or coin. The Iconomi experts will be ready to shoulder all the heavy lifting for them.

Iconomi ICN policy

The Iconomi ICN is a token for its user that have invested in Iconomi. This is viable with the Ethereum based for easy distribution of dividends to the token holders with feature supports of Smart Contract. These ICN holders are considered Iconomi owners because they can vote on issues regarding Iconomi. They are also entitled to weekly dividends.

As the platform increase in its services, Iconmi will feature some financial instruments like ICONOMI Open Fund Management platform (OFM), ICONOMI Coin Traded Fund (CTF) and ICONOMI Coin Managed Fund (CMF).

ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM) is a great platform where seasoned fund managers and experienced traders are offered a unique opportunity to a create fund on their preference bases. This means that it is these people that determine all assets that find their way into the fund. Another chance is that these investors can buy into the funds. Fund managers enjoy world-class tools that allow them to make smooth sharing of resources between them and investor and also make accurate decisions.

Coin Traded Fund (CTF) is a platform that will be managed by Iconomi experts. While it will be transparent, CTF will be managed based on various rules. By investing in this fund, investors will be saved from lower price volatility and lower risks. This program will have 14 Crypto Currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin Lisk, Steem, etc. This will be launched at the Devcon2 in Shanghai, China and it is opened for public review.

Coin Managed Fund (CMF) is the Iconomi performance fund that will be managed by experts in the field of financial analysis, mathematics, and crypto currencies. This is a bigger opportunity for investors, though it comes with equally more significant risks. CMF will identify fresh and promising projects in the Crypto space and join the CMF by investors is through invitation.

This platform is a visionary project backed by the ambitious team. Shortly, it is hoped that ICONOMI will be in place of Bitcoin with its revolution of multi-billion dollars Fund Management Industry.


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