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Crypto (CTO)

Just when the world thought that bitcoin was the invention of the century, alternative cryptocurrencies were created. These newer electronic currencies are even more awe- inspiring than bitcoin because they try to improve the shortcomings of the original crypto- currency. One such digital currency goes by the name Crypto, usually shortened to CTO.

What is Crypto?

You may be wondering, what is crypto (CTO)? From the discussion above, you may have gathered that it is a form of digital currency. It is one of the rather recently- released altcoins, and one of the best for that matter. There are certain features that set it apart from other electronic currencies. Here are some of the most alluring features of Crypto.

1. Lyra 2RE Algorithm

One of the greatest hurdles that most bitcoin miners experience is the use of ASIC devices. ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit. It is a device that enables one to mine bitcoins very fast, but it is also rather costly. This puts miners who may not have much money to invest in the device at a disadvantage. Luckily, Crypto uses Lyra 2RE algorithm, which is resistant to ASIC technology. For one to mine Crypto, they can only use ordinary computers. This creates a fair ground for all miners, and it is certainly one of the best features of this altcoin.

2. No Inflation

Another common problem with most digital currencies is that of inflation. Generally, as the number of coins increases, their value decreases. This means that over time, these coins may lose their value. This is certainly not very encouraging to potential investors. Fortunately however, this is not the case for Crypto. Every ten days, the number of Crypto coins in circulation is lowered. This takes care of the inflation problem, ensuring that the coins never lose value.

3. 30-second Block Time

Crypto also provides a unique solution to the fluctuation problem characteristic of other electronic currencies. Transaction times for other currencies can last anywhere between one second to several hours. This inconsistency can be something of a bother to many who carry out transactions using cryptocurrencies. Crypto, however, uses a program known as Dark Gravity Wave 3 to standardize the length of transaction times. Each Crypto transaction lasts thirty seconds, and not a second more or less. This provides a desirable consistency.

4. Security

Finally, Crypto users can opt to have stealth addresses. With this addresses, it is impossible for anyone to trace back your transactions to you. It is the ultimate form of privacy and anonymity when it comes to dealing with digital currencies.


On the whole, Crypto is a rather decent cryptocurrency, and one you should consider investing in. It will prove to be worth it in the long run.

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Crypto (CTO)
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