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Cobinhood (COB)


Cobinhood (COB)Cobinhood is a cryptographic cash exchange that guarantees the provision of zero trading fees. Find everything you need to consider Cobinhood today in our review.


Cobinhood is an automated cash exchange, which, as you might assume from the title, assurances of getting from the rich and also posting those who require it. To complete this goal, Cobinhood provides zero trade costs. In particular, Cobinhood guarantees offer zero trading fees for spot trading and a trademark up to 10x. Meanwhile, Cobinhood is developing an organization providing ICO. Associations, including new new block organizations and existing businesses, can send ICO through Cobinhood and also confirm compliance testing, security checks and various organizations.

The arrangement of association ,symbols for COB tokens occurs throughout September and also October. The general ICO begins on September 13 and continues until October 22nd. The Association will send its advanced cash exchange on November 1, 2017.

Features of COBINHOOD

Cobinhood seeks to offer 0% of trade costs and various interesting moments. Here are a few key features outlined on the scene:

Fees for zero:

Cobinhood is the world’s first cryptographic currency exchange with zero trade costs. Exchange does not have costs for point trade and trademark up to 10 times.

Secured deposits of Crypto:

Cobinhood stores assets in a separate multi-session store, requiring 5 out of 8 geo-assigned transmission protection modules. Cryptoactive assets placed in online purses are similarly “backed up with security”, the official website highlights. “Geo-flowed hardware security modules” sound creative, but to the extent that I can tell, it’s just basic support for multiple signals with the verification required from several sources around the world.

The first-class correspondence mechanism:

Cobinhood has a prohibitive application mechanism that would allow the procedure of a huge number of requests in milliseconds.

ICO Underwriting:

Cobinhood aims to become “Crypto Goldman Sachs”, promoting itself as an ICO agent. ICO-organizations Cobinhood will consolidate due recklessness, an excellent overview of the contract code and also legitimate consistency reviews for ICOs.

Support for multiple Fiat


Cobinhood will strengthen “all standard measures related to cash money,” will clean up the official website. The segment of specific monetary-related structures combines dollars, euro, JPY, KRW, CNY, HKD, CAD, GBP, AUD and also NTD.

Multi-language support:

Cobinhood expects to reach 98% of the cumulative people with its multilingual army.

How does COBINHOOD ICO Underwriting Service work?

Providing ICO is one of the key organizations offered by Cobinhood. Here are the main functions that will be made as a remarkable part of this organization:

ICO Due Diligence:

Cobinhood will simply cover promising ICOs, and the Cobinhood collection will consider ICOs in the perspective of the rights to trust, thought interest and also legitimate consistency.

The ICO Spark program:Cobinhood encourages its “ICO Spark” program, which will allow the existing ones to dare to consolidate their organizations with the development of blockhouses. Thanks to this program, Cobinhood can provide some of the current most well-known associations for sending ICO and benefits from the universe of token agreements.

High liquidity:

All ICO tokens guaranteed by Cobinhood will be quickly sold on the Cobinhood exchange after the ICO.

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