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Mine Bitcoin gold (BTG) with MinerTopia

IMPORTANT : MinerTopia is no longer providing a BTG pool, we are recommending you Minergate instead .

As everyone know, the bitcoin gold will be available on nov 12th, the tutorial bellow will explain to you how to mine it and earn btg from your home computer in few easy steps.

Download a miner.



2. Configure your miner.

Settings for Stratum (recommended):

STRATUM: stratum+tcp://btg.minertopia.org
PORT: 5555
Username: Address.Worker
Password: x


    • CPU Miner
./zcash-standalone-miner/src/zcash-miner -stratum=stratum+tcp://btg.minertopia.org:5555 -user=Address.worker.Worker -password=Worker password -debug -printtoconsole
    • Nicehash CPU + GPU Miner
./nheqminer -l btg.minertopia.org:5555 -u Address.Worker -p password -t 4
    • NOTE: On the latest Windows Binary you don’t need “-l btg.minertopia.org:5555” at all – don’t use that flag, it will be re-added later ! So use the miner like this:
./nheqminer -l btg.minertopia.org:5555 -u Address.Worker -p password -t 4
    • Genoils AMD GPU Miner
genoil.exe -c btg.minertopia.org:5555 -u Address.Worker -p Worker password -P 0 -g 0 1 -i 13
    • Claymore Dual Miner
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool btg.minertopia.org:5555 -zwal YourUsername.YourWorker -zpsw YourWorkerPass -allpools 1
    • EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner
miner.exe --server btg.minertopia.org --user address.worker --pass x --port 5555  --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3
    • tpruvots ccminer CUDA
ccminer.exe -a equihash -o stratum+tcp://btg.minertopia.org:5555 -u address.worker -p x

Note: For nicehash or higher diff please use port 5556:

You then need to change “-u Address.Worker -p Worker password” to reflect your own account. Eg, “-u Rob.RobssWorker -p RobsWorkerPassword” Then go to “File => Save as” and save the file as “RunMe.bat” in the same folder as minerd. You are now ready to mine, double click on “RunMe.bat” to start mining.

3. Create a BTGCoin address to receive payments.

  • Downloading the client & block chain: Download the BTG client from here.Generate a new address and input it on your account page to receive payments.